The decay of my son

As long as the clichés, the labels, the prejudices coincided and stuck well in my life, I was happy. I had everything I expected from life: a home, two beautiful children, work, health for all ... Then everything went down. My eldest son started drifting, suffering a pain that I did not understand. We were bumping into each other, we were hurting each other, very badly. I had to leave the house for six months. I lost my job following a social plan. So I slipped to the bottom, and my son too. He even received a suspended sentence. He was physically destroying himself and I was suffering through his decay.

At that time, I met a charming young man. He held my hand, comforted me and after more than thirty years of fidelity, I cheated on my husband. If today I speak of all this, it is because by fighting, I found the way of serenity because I have the chance to have a very rich inner life. But I will never be the same again. I was marked and weakened by these ordeals. I resumed my life together with my long-time accomplice and I am always there for my two sons. Life has not been easy for me, but I do not blame him. It's worth what it's worth, day after day I grow up again ...

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