It is to my son that I owe my white hair

"At the time when the children were born, we lived in Brittany, we wanted to raise them in the sun and left near Avignon.The beginnings, and even the following, were not easy. Not a lot of work, not much money, but a pleasant and interesting environment, says Pierre.

Sébastien, I imagined him an engineer or an architect, he liked to tinker with falling wood, to build bridges, water wheels in the streams.

Violette, she disguised herself, sang, put on small shows, and was the family's trainer. " For her, Pierre has no real ambition. His wife, on the other hand, who assists him in his work, hopes for his teacher daughter or, better, teacher. "I wanted her to be independent."

"They were always in our paws, from the workshop to the House." However, Pierre and Adrienne, raised the hard way, do not laugh on the discipline. The children go to catechism, their room must be impeccable, the table prepared and cleared by their care. Supreme punishment: the cellar, in which Sebastien will do some training.

A son who is indifferent to his academic achievements and who rebels against the father's very strong authority "Pierre was too systematically against him, regrets Adrienne, I had the impression that his son scared him."

Sebastien seems to find more understanding on the side of the bands of "vauriens" of Avignon, and the tone goes up between the father and the son. Sebastien redoubles himself and ends up on a sideline, a technical college whose courses he is drying up. A little drug, a little "deal". At home, the atmosphere becomes heavy.

Violette tries to "compensate" for the bad slope that her brother takes and redoubles effort in class. At 29, she is now a teacher of English. "She stayed very close to us," say her parents with tenderness and pride.

After a slump, Sébastien joined a hotel school, got married and worked as a waiter in a winter sports resort. He thinks he's going to open a restaurant pretty quickly. "To him I owe my white hair, says Pierre.

I would never have had children if I had known the difficulties that awaited me. I'm still scared, it's as if he did all the foolish things that I did not allow myself, as if he was able to put his life back into play at any time. that he wanted to defy me. "

Adrienne disagrees." Violette was always very determined, she knew what was good for her, she knew how to maneuver, how to maneuver, how she got everything from you. Sebastian has a tender heart, he is more fragile, and you wanted to make a hard one.We have come close to the catastrophe. "


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