Transforming Children's Emotions into Creations

Transform anger, fear, sadness or joy into creations. This is the objective of the fun installation of visual artist Sylvie Hazebroucq. She blows us some ideas to experiment with toddlers.

Flavia Mazelin Salvi

The job of Sylvie Hazebroucq was first discovered by the Newton. A find of a single parent, creative and enthusiastic, who realized that her two sons lived their joys and sorrows much better when they expressed them creatively. Thus was born, in 2012, Sylvette's Infirmary with emotions

, a playful, artistic and interactive installation that allows to discover and understand what an emotion is, to what it serves and how to turn it into creation. The leisure center of the Jean-Jaurès nursery school in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) has been equipped with a fixed installation; and she entered the psychiatric service of childhood at Robert Debré Hospital in Paris. But The Emotion Nursery is also itinerant, strolling from school to school. Sylvie Hazebroucq is now preparing a family version: carpets for individuals. She shares with us some proposals to test with our children.

The overflow of joy

I'm going on vacation, it's my birthday, I'm 5 years old and a clown comes, I'm going to have a dog ... "Joy makes you want to move, to run The idea is to propose a rather physical and circumscribed activity in space and time, like a fireworks that flames and then falls, "comments Sylvie Hazebroucq. The trampoline of joy.

Arrange with his child a stack of cushions and duvets in the middle of his room so he can jump into confidence and land in a cloud of sweetness. If the child asks for it, the parent can participate. The rain of happiness.

With his child (but he can do it alone if he wants to), cut magazines into tiny pieces until they have a good pile. We then throw confetti where we want, as we want. Then we vacuum together to finish the game.

Anger rising, rising

"Before he can express it with words, the child needs the body tension to subside. We need to get rid of this anger, which cringes our arms and fists and makes the legs feel like shooting, says Sylvie Hazebroucq The idea: to propose an activity that is both deadly and self-evident. " The felt-tip crash.

The material: sheets of paper, used felts. The proposal: crush the felt tips on a sheet of paper, until the tension has subsided.Then connect the different points. In the end: a small colorful picture. The sculpture ras-le-bol.

Material: small empty plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. The proposal: crush the bottles or cut the cartons using only his hands, then stack the bottles or cartons and stick them to make a column.


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