The holidays of our teens

The holidays of our teens

The holidays sometimes rhyme with separation when you leave the children at their grandparents', or when the older ones leave in colo ... How to leave with serenity?

Isabelle Filliozat

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist


1) Can you let your 15 year old daughter go alone with her friends?

Fifteen seems a little young. But it is important in any case to discuss with her the worries that aroused her wish. If she wants to go to a campsite for example, it is better to ask her permission to contact the campsite to get an idea. ? Do not hesitate to ask her how she plans to protect herself from possible dangers (sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol ...). If she denies or minimizes the risks, then it is dangerous for her to leave. If she measures them and presents coherent and responsible answers, she can be trusted. A specific project in specific locations with precise guidance may be acceptable.

2) Hard to convince teens to leave with their parents ...

Teenagers need to feel free to live things without parents. But it is also a time when they need to admire the adults, to feel them close to their concerns. A trip together could be a great idea, but everything that is proposed by the parents is necessarily rejected ... It is therefore important to discuss with family, all together, to see with them what their specific needs could be, what corners want to visit, what schedules they want to follow ... If they feel involved equally, they should come with pleasure.


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