"My mother betrayed my trust"

I thank my parents for the education they gave me. They taught me respect and tolerance, so many primordial and indispensable values ​​to build my future. But ... Until I was 11, I had a strong relationship with my mother. A relationship she ruined.

This element is likely to seem trivial, but when it is lived, it takes on a whole new meaning. I went on a trip with my school. I had received many letters; my family, my friends and especially one of my sister. She is four years older than me. It was the end of a period of conflict between us, she understood that I had matured and that she could now trust me.

Without asking for my consent, my mother read all the letters that I had hidden. She learned things that did not concern her, especially things that my sister had entrusted to me, which was very important to me. For the first time in my life, she was terribly disappointed. On these letters, it was written my name and not his. It was like betrayal. It happened seven years ago, and she continues to read my letters. She had promised me not to do it again a few years ago, but she did not keep her promise. She does the same thing with my older sister.

It's not his lack of confidence that makes me suffer the most, it's his lack of respect for my intimacy. I really want him. She gave me the freedom to live, she must respect me for the person I am. Like any experience, there are positive aspects to be drawn from it. Well, I swore to myself, and I would make it promise to the father of my children, never to open letters where the name of my child will be written. Out of respect for him, for what he will be ...


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