It's not the end of the world

I understand although many parents feel helpless when they realize that their child is smoking joints. Of course, there are some cases where we have to dig to understand what unease led to consumption ... But I wanted, by my testimony, to remember that despite all that is told, the seal (for many of us) n is not there to counterbalance a problem. I have eaten for several years and had arrived at high doses at parties, but no problem was at the origin. After a long bath in this world, I never met people who smoked because of problems.

When my parents found out, the first question was "Why?" They ask themselves questions about themselves. I did not manage to explain to them ... If not that the first time that one tastes it, the euphoric sensation is very pleasant. It's a way to laugh with friends, simply! Years ago, our parents drank a hit with friends for fun and now it is a joint that turns. The first joint happens very often during adolescence. It makes you feel rebellious by transgressing a little law, it's normal, you have to build character! I am not for the legalization of soft drugs, even if my speech can let it believe!

I hope that my testimony will succeed in making some parents understand that a seal is not the end of the world (but I always specify: in some cases). On the other hand, I wanted to add and it will be my last point that I left a year abroad where I did not smoke of the year and no lack was installed. So do not panic: it happens at one time or another!


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