Teens: Friendship Boys-Girls

My best friend is like my brother. My best friend is like my sister. My best friend is my best friend.


I'll get right to the point: life is not a gigantic remake of When Harry meets Sally (Rob Reiner, 1989) . A male teenager can address a female teenager without having lecherous ulterior motives in mind. I have to agree that it rarely happens, of course. But it happens. We will surely have understood that I mean girls-boys friendship, a subject almost as controversial as cutting or not cutting spaghetti, or choosing between Beatles and Stones (now we're talking about it, we're all ok to choose the Beatles?). Yes, it is possible to maintain a man-woman relationship without any ambiguity .

And that, I would have really liked that my entourage assimilates it since the CE1, date at which I met my best friend, which is still it currently, but which will not stay it long if do not give me all my CDs. Assuming that I knew this boy at an age when our main conversations revolved around our Pokémon cards and whether Hermione was going to end with Harry or Ron *, it's pretty difficult afterwards to experience attraction. for him.

To make that understood to my friends from the beginning would have saved me a lot of salacious hints. Nobody believed it; when we were 8 years old, we were given a torrid connection. Only my little sister supported me and called Hugo his "other big sister". My parents ended up resigning themselves and simply adopted him, since he lives almost at home and when he is there, he sleeps in my bed as my brother would do. Because Hugo is my brother, or rather my sister, because it sometimes borders on excess femininity, so it's even "my best friend".

Hugo, this is the only person I can call at 2 in the morning crying to ask if this boy will come back, and it is also the only one who will honestly answer me no. The only one who borrows my clothes, even and especially my dresses. It is also him that I completely disguised the day of his class photo: heels - mine - in the long dress and the bra - mine - through the lipstick - his , oddly. And it was with him, dressed as a drag-queen, that I agreed to take a forty-five minute bus ride.

We both share Indochina's unconditional love, and I know that only with him can I wait for a whole February day in front of the Zenith by minus ten thousand degrees.He knows me perfectly and vice versa, and that is why there will never be a shadow of a doubt between us. He's one of the men in my life, undeniably - between Nicola Sirkis, Johnny Depp and my lover - but for me it's more like the brother of my life.

* Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling (Gallimard Youth, "Junior Folio", seven volumes, 2011).


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