Become a man

philippe Romon

"One is not born woman: one becomes it." When Simone de Beauvoir wrote this sentence, in 1949, men did not ask questions: in a society that they manage, they are born, grow and erect as a male, until they become fossilized.

The situation is less comfortable today. The second half of the twentieth century has been that of women, and even if equality is far from being established, in the sacrosanct order of power, something is now beyond man's reach. Thanks to science, to reproduce women no longer need to be penetrated. In the version of Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton, it is a young woman who brandishes the sword and terrace dragon: by St. George, the blow is hard ... But the situation is also more rewarding. In killing the dragon, Alice emancipated herself and now the turn has come for the man to question himself.

Today, to be a man is to learn to become one. To be born, not just biologically or socially, but to life. A life made of body, but also of intimacy, of spirituality. And nobody claims it would be easy. A yoga teacher once said to me: "The origin, the womb, is feminine, the realization is in the yang, the masculine.This is true for every human being, man or woman. to install a serene balance between his masculine and feminine part ".

This special issue proposes to explore this questioning and, modestly, to bring some tools into the ambitious project of "being a man", through all the aspects of everyday life: the loves, the friends , the bored ... He does not address one gender to the exclusion of the other. On the contrary: women will also gain a better understanding of the man, this strange animal. To understand it better, to support it, and with a little luck, to love it.


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