I stayed for fear of being alone.

At 16, I met a boy , my first "love" we stayed together 9 years, I thought that what I lived was called love! In fact I was dependent on him, I knew that our relationship was not ideal but I remained for fear of being alone.

He spent his time with friends, drink ... Our relationship was just shouting, crying, waiting. From this union was born an adorable little chip, and there, I really realized that it was not quite right. I could not bear this life to my daughter. So I decided to separate myself from this man.

Today, I say "thank you" to my daughter, she opened my eyes. After a depression, I learned a lot with the help of a therapist, I think you really have to listen to yourself, do not be afraid. When we find ourselves, everything seems easier, even if we go through hard times, we "grow up".


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