I take my choice

I am a teenager like any other, who is interested in many things. My difference is that I am gay. I live pretty well and I came out a year ago now. The people around me have responded well, except for my parents, who are still taboo and who claim that at my age I can not know it.

Although everything is going well in my life and my sexual orientation has been accepted without problem, I would sometimes like to be like the majority of people. I would like to look at the handsome guys and rave about their muscles or their dark eyes. I would love to laugh at the jokes others are making about so-and-so or so. But I chose to open up and be honest with myself and the people I love. Because I want to be there one hundred percent when I am with others. And by making that choice, I was aware of the consequences and I must assume them.

I often feel lonely in this world where we like compliance and I see the strange looks that are sometimes asked about me. But I also know that many people respect me and admire me for the decision I made. And I am very proud of myself because, for the first time in my life, I made a choice in relation to myself and only to myself, despite the disapproval of my parents, and I am happy to accept that choice.

A tip to those who are still in the closet: go for it and do not be afraid. The world offers you nice surprises of tolerance.


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