Too hard to live without it

I I fell in love with a girl who is taking drugs. I am crazy in love with her. We had a relationship she and I, very short, too short. We kissed only a month and a half later! She is far too shy, she is afraid to kiss me in public.

Our best friend tells me that a lot of girls are in this case, but she is still apart. That said, I'm still in love with her. But we separated, because one evening of drinking and cannabis shoot, she deceived me, not by sleeping, but just by kissing.

I have it very, but then VERY badly taken, because it had typed me crazy fits of jealousy for a nothing! I think I would never find such a strong love again. I compare all my kisses, all my physical relationships to this one.

It's hard to live something very strong and lose everything by doing nothing. Because she punished herself by refusing to go out with me (who forgave her). But of course, she punishes me even more! Because I love it, I can not take it anymore, I want it ... I have a sick heart thinking about all this ...

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