I do not like the girl I am

I do not like the girl I am

I do not know what's happening to me. Some think it's due to the teen crisis, I do not believe it. I feel helpless, misunderstood. I want to be anorexic, I scarify myself. I do not love myself. I know I'm pretty but I do not like the girl I am. I already thought about suicide but I do not really want to ... I know that some would suffer and that's not my goal. I hope you can help me. Narciss4, 15

Gérard Apfeldorfer

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist


You have big problems, indeed. You are perfectly aware of it, and you are afraid of stupidities, some of which are irremediable, which you sometimes have the temptation to do. You seek to take care of yourself by letting yourself be seduced by the sirens of anorexia; or you are torturing your body in other ways.

In fact, no doubt, you seek to protect yourself by creating identifiable sensations. But of what? Some feelings, some thoughts? Or maybe you feel unfit, too fragile to face others? How could I know? And you, do you know?

It would be a shame if you did not get help. First, you need to talk to your parents, tell them that you need help, and find a health professional who knows them. You need to establish a dialogue, and fast!


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