Do I have to accept his repetition?

Repetition may prove profitable for a teenager, if he does not see it as a punishment but as a second chance, and if he takes the opportunity to invest other areas that schooling, said Nicole Catheline, child psychiatrist.

Anne Lanchon

The class council has handed down its verdict: "Repetition"! Are you going to appeal? It all depends on the reason for the decision. If your teenager, for a personal reason, could not invest the college this year or its level is very low, it is better to avoid the passage in force and the failure to the arrival. If, on the other hand, his teachers evoke a lack of maturity or too average notes, the question can be discussed with them, but especially with your child. Because repetition, French specialty, is rarely effective.

"The maturation of a child is not linear, says Nicole Catheline.Nothing says that in September he will not be ready to approach new learning.But beware, immaturity can hide a more complex problem An intolerance to failure, for example, linked to a narcissistic fragility, then redoubling is counterproductive, and it is better to consult. " To primary or college students who have not worked enough, we can offer a refresher course (Sran) during the holidays. If repetition is required, parents will want to present it as a second chance to consolidate their knowledge and improve their working methods. They will also try to forget their self esteem.

"Repetition is a narcissistic wound for everyone, but it does not last, says Nicole Catheline.In the fall, the student suffers to see his friends in the upper class but, over the weeks, he realizes that He is more at ease, so his self-esteem goes back, provided that his teachers do not stigmatize him and his parents release their pressure. " Repetition is the opportunity for the adolescent to invest more in his leisure, expand his circle of friends and ... improve family relationships. This is his positive and unexpected side.


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