"At school, we hear about sex, never fun"

You had drunk?

Oriane: Oh no! It disgusts me. I feel like a shit when I'm drinking, being flabby. It does not give me any desire for that. But it's true that the first time was not great. It was mostly a way to have another connection with my girlfriend.

Vis-à-vis your friends, it's frowned upon not to be a virgin at 14?

Leah: As soon as the boys know it, they are doggy on you. They absolutely want to take you behind school or whatever. It is the horror. On the girls' side, there are those who are a little jealous and those who do not understand.

Oriane: When talking about the sex life of others, it's always a little slanderous, disdainful. Especially in college. In our school, everything is known quickly. Rumors are turning on the worst sexual things that can happen. We tell stories of people we hardly know. It's super violent and unhealthy.

Diane Saint-Réquier: It concerns both the sexuality of girls and boys?

Oriane: For the guys, it's seen as an act of bravery, virility. While for girls, it's more: "Ah, it's a whore!"

Lea: In college especially, we look really as if you were dirty. In college, we pay more attention to each other.

Have you ever felt obligated to have sex?

Oriane: When I was in a shitty relationship, locked in some sort of sexual routine, I kept having sex when I did not want to. But now, it's fun that counts first.

Do you enjoy yourself and your partner at the same level?

Oriane: Yes. The pleasure I feel, I feel it also by giving it. That's what making love. You receive pleasure and you give it. And giving it, it gives you.

And you, Léa, how are you doing with your boyfriend?

Leah: I have always tried to make love only when I really wanted to. If I do not take pleasure, I feel bad.

And your boyfriend respects him?

Leah: He has no choice! And he also puts me stops sometimes! When one is drunk, in general, it is he who does not want.

The clitoris, were you told about it?

Leah: My mother told me about it. She saved my sex life! Because otherwise, apart from his presence on the SVT schemes, no one tells us more ...

Oriane: I inquired, but I was never told about it at school .


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