To my daughter

We shared ups and downs together . We went through difficult times. You bore my sadness, my dismay. I do not know how to thank you, even if sometimes I can not tell you that I love you. Know that you can not give what you have not received. We missed everything, both of us. Money, family, and especially love, this fuel that helps us move forward in life.

Nothing was easy. I hope with all my heart that your life will be different from mine. That love will be at the rendezvous, the love of your children, of your husband ... It is all the good that I wish you. Do not follow my path lined with nettles. Yours must be lined with flowers.

By this testimony, I simply wanted to write to you that "I love you", my daughter, since I do not know how to tell you. Forgive me if I am not demonstrative, it is the education I received that marked me. I wish you a better life than mine.


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