What to do against the OCD of my 75 year old mother?

What to do against the OCD of my 75 year old mother?

My mother is 75 years old and has all the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Could you indicate to me a work to make him aware that it spoils the life of those around him? Because she is aggressive and nothing can make her feel guilty. Simone - Rouen

Claude Halmos



I answer you not to give you a reference, but to tell you that your letter shocked me. And especially that it seems to illustrate perfectly the drifts that can lead the fashion of what is now called "the shrink". When a 75-year-old lady in fact lets cat feces and broken objects invade her home, the problem is not to start asking questions about "TOC" diagnoses.

It's about wondering if she's just not going (she's still young but it's possible) to lose her head a little bit. And from there, take care of her accordingly. That is to say to take him to see a doctor who can evaluate the situation and help him. And the problem is also, in this period of his life, to accompany him with humanity. That is to say, not by accepting without a word all his whims. But by giving him the right not to be as clean as before; and sometimes disturb what you call those around you ...

Your mother is suffering. And probably says his suffering by his actions. So you have to be able to "listen" to them. Say for example that it can be difficult to throw away used objects if one sees oneself (consciously or unconsciously) as a being a little "out of use" and close to the discarded. And that the cat feces she surrounds herself with may be - why not? - a way for her to say that she feels (forgive me the vulgarity of the formula) "in the shit" ...

Drop the scholarly books, Simone. And extend his hand. It will be useful for her. And, I'm sure, also for you.


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