Stages and trials of early childhood

Stages and trials of early childhood

Children are faced with more or less difficult challenges such as the birth of a brother or sister, or the loss of a family member. How can parents help them?

Catherine Bergeret-Amselek



For Catherine Bergeret-Amselek , psychoanalyst, the major stages of psycho-emotional development of the child are between birth and six years. Years hinge so, which often worry parents concerned to do well.

  1. How to help seniors jealous of the arrival of another child? Unfortunately, there is not much to recommend. Elders go through a normal phase of jealousy that is especially difficult for parents. If you hold the shock, everything will be in order and if it is too difficult, and you feel that they really suffer from it, do not hesitate to talk to the pediatrician.
  2. When a child loses one of his parents, what is the best way to help him? Faced with the immense shock of a daddy's death, talking about what's happening to your child is the best thing you can do. If disorders arise, do not hesitate to consult a pediatrician who will guide you to the right door. A child always expresses his malaise through his body. If the symptoms last, do not hesitate to see a shrink.
  3. How to make a child accept the arrival of a new companion? I do not think we should mix everything together. The privacy and love of parents does not have to be told to the child. It's true that people say that everything must be said, but your life as a man and a woman belongs to you. On the other hand, if the child attaches himself to a new companion but a separation intervenes, he himself will have to mourn. The best is to keep your child safe by providing emotional security and helping him maintain a regular emotional relationship with his dad.
  4. When to reveal to a child that his grandfather is not his real grandfather? It is very important that family secrets be revealed at some point. But you have to feel strong enough yourself when you choose to talk to your child. It is therefore essential to find the right moment, with your dad, to speak to him in terms adapted to his stage of emotional development: simple words and as soon as possible. That said, talking to a shrink before embarking on a revelation that can be uncomfortable, seems reasonable. Once found the good interior disposition, the right words will come without problem.


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