My daughter cries every night

My daughter cries every night

I have a 5 year old son and a 2 ½ year old daughter who has been crying forever every night. We can not take it anymore and, despite many consultations, nothing has changed. Emma, ​​Narbonne

Claude Halmos



Your daughter, Emma, ​​is described by the manger as a cheerful child, lively and without anxiety. And at her grandmother's, she sleeps without a problem. His tears are therefore not the expression of a general malaise. What are they due to?

It's hard to say, but these situations are often two-stage rockets. There is indeed a first time when the baby, from birth, cries to express an anguish that is often related to anxieties (unconscious) he feels in his parents. If, working with the baby and they, we decrypt them and we talk to him, everything is in order. If this work is not done, the problem remains and, in general, it gets complicated because the baby unconsciously covers that he can use his crying. To do what? To do what every baby and every little child wants: having mom for him alone. Especially at night, when she dares to leave her to sleep with her husband. And especially if mom feels guilty (like so many moms ...) never to do enough.

I believe, Emma, ​​that you should explain to your daughter life: the difference of the sexes, the conception of the children, the fact that the parents are also lovers and need a life without their children. And it would be good if it was also your husband who, at night, gets up to tell him (as recommended by Françoise Dolto) that he wants to "be quiet with his wife" ...

And then, if that is not enough I think you should go and talk about your anxiety to a psychoanalyst.


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