I'm out of step with my in-laws

My gypsy in-laws have been using me for twenty-three years now. She does not respect me. I always did him service by kindness, and because I was touched by the suffering of these abused women and children. My husband has decided to cut himself off from this culture. His family has never accepted it because, at home, it is very bad to marry a French woman. He never wanted to see how hypocritical they were. To keep him close to them, they accepted me and treated me as one of them, but I felt that behind all these smiles something was wrong. I agreed to trust them out of love for my husband. Basically, I've always been convinced that if he had broken with his family, it was because he suspected there was a problem. But he did not have the courage to go to the end of his step.

He became aware of his mistake when his family kidnapped and sequestered our 18-year-old daughter so that she agreed to marry a first cousin, chosen by my mother-in-law. We did not doubt it. It was at this time that we realized the extent of the hatred they were giving us. My husband's family threatened us. They promised to kill my father. They beat my nephew and left him for dead. In these circumstances, it is impossible to make a complaint. It's been a year since my daughter was at home, and I only saw her four times. She has trouble understanding how her own family can hurt her.

I really want my husband to keep in touch. We pay his lack of courage at a high price.


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