I stopped doing 'death' in my life

"Although socially settled, I knew that deep down I lived next to my life, prevented from really enjoying it by a pessimism as undecrollable as well camouflaged." At my first rebirth session in the water, I felt how much I did not want to be born (I was born by Caesarean section) I wanted to be let die (in this case drowning me.) To find that my entourage would not let me do In this session, I relived the impotent - and retroactive - rage of the baby in front of a medical team (while being aware of being an adult woman, participating in an internship in a pool) After this painful experience of refusing life, to my surprise, in the next session, my body relaxed. the first time, I enjoyed the freedom. A state of inner peace has invaded me. It took me more sessions so that the desire to live definitely prevails over the temptation to "make the dead" by privileging ease and passivity, but the impulse was given. "


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