Gabrielle Rubin: "The fathers have no landmarks"

Would this mean for example that a housewife is an obstacle to the good construction of the child?

The child, girl or boy, needs to admire his father. And if it's a son, he must want to be like him and to measure up to him, that's what allows him to grow up. If society, for example, valued household chores for men, that would not be a problem, but we are not in that situation. If the father works at home, if he is an artist for example, it's different. His activity is admired by society and can therefore be a source of pride or a reference for the child. Paternal and maternal roles are not interchangeable at the symbolic level. This, of course, does not mean that a father should not cuddle or take care of his child on a daily basis.

Can the mother help restore paternal authority?

It is essential for the father to have real recognition in his home, primarily from the mother. What she thinks deeply influences her children. It is therefore up to her, by her attitude and her words, to encourage her to live fully as a guardian of the law. Still, she has to give up all the roles. I also believe that to contribute to the restoration of paternal authority - while respecting gender equality - we must accept that the roles of men and women may be identical outside the family, while being dissimilar inside. If we want to save the symbolic idea of ​​father and mother, we have to differentiate their roles. These are the bases of reflection, starting points, because the new father, and it is a beautiful challenge, is to invent.

Its key dates:

1977: publishes The Unconscious Sources of Misogyny (Robert Laffont).

1979: supports his doctoral thesis of psychopathology and psychoanalysis, at the University Paris VII Censier.

1989: the first issue of its journal Psychoanalysis in Civilization appears.

2002: publishes The family romance of Freud (Payot).

2006: his works Hate and Forgiveness and Why we want people who do us good (Payot) are translated into Turkish and Korean.


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