Today, the unconscious is used to justify everything

Is there, in this connection, a French psychoanalytic specificity?

S. F.: Yes. The French, thanks to Jacques Lacan and Françoise Dolto, have understood the importance of speech and language for me. In 1906, I wrote that "we are precisely at the patient's on the lookout for speeches where the double understanding shimmers, and in which the hidden meaning is reflected through the innocent expression.A carefully kept secret is betrayed only by slight allusions3 ". French psychoanalysis insists that man speaks and that it makes him exceptional.

What mistakes do you admit today?

S. F.: A big mistake, but it was not predictable. I had not imagined that speaking on a couch could become in itself a pleasure such that the analysis could be prolonged indefinitely. In fact, the mere fact of meeting someone who listens to you at a steady pace for an indefinite time is opposed to the very reasons why I had set up my method: I postulated that it was an extremely painful adventure of which we would be anxious to get rid as soon as possible by healing. I was wrong.

With the role of Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalysts Patrick Djian, Françoise Petitot and Jean-Pierre Winter

The key dates of Dr. Freud

May 6, 1856: birth of Sigismund Schlomo Freud in Freiberg, Moravia (today Pribor, Czech Republic).

1860: The Freud family moved to Vienna, Austria.

1876-1882: Post graduate studies in physiology and biology.

1885: follows the lessons of Professor Jean-Martin Charcot, at the hospital of Salpêtrière, in Paris.

13 September 1886: marries Martha Bernays and settles as a doctor in Vienna.

1895: Publishes Studies on Hysteria with Joseph Breuer (PUF, 2002). At the same time, begins his self-analysis and invents the Oedipus complex.

1899: The Interpretation of Dreams (PUF, 1999, out of print).

1905: Three Essays on Sexual Theory and The Word of Mind and its relation to the Unconscious (Gallimard, "Folio Essays", 1989 and 1992).

1909: Five Lessons on Psychoanalysis (Payot, "Small Library", 2001).

1929: Unease in the civilization (reprinted under the title Malaise in the culture , PUF, 2004).

1938: Exiles in Great Britain.

23 September 1939: dies in London.


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