Jean-Pierre Krasenski: "Reflexology is a natural sedative"

How does a session take place?

Jean-Pierre Krasenski: We begin by questioning the patient: since when did his problems date? What are his symptoms? etc. Then he stands, barefoot, on a device connected to a scanner that allows to visualize the plants of his feet on the screen of a computer. Depending on the colors that come out, we establish a diagnosis: if the reflex zone is very dark, it is the sign of a lack of energy of the organ. Very clear, it is on the contrary a too full of energy. Then, we install the patient on a table or chair to perform the massage. The organs are correlated with each other. This is one of the principles of Chinese medicine. So if one of them has too much energy (for example, the liver), it is because another one does not have enough (for example, the lungs). By restoring a good flow of energy between them, the massages restore balance. A session usually lasts between twenty and forty-five minutes.

What is the difference between paramedical reflexology and relaxation reflexology?

Jean-Pierre Krasenski: You can massage the sole of the foot without stopping on a specific area, emphasizing only slightly more tense places. This provides general relaxation. Some beauty salons practice this kind of massage. It can also be done at home, on a background of soft music, by asking his spouse a foot massage.

Reflexologist profession finally recognized

Reflexology is now recognized in France and appears in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) since July 2015. For Elisabeth Breton, director of the first reflexology school recognized by the State "This title will allow a better professional integration in all areas (medical, paramedical, stress management, well-being, sport, social, leisure, ...) and open more doors for reflexologists! the practice." In fact this certification is aimed at both health professionals and practitioners. "The duration of the approval received by my institution is 5 years, during which time we must" prove "the necessity, reliability and If at the end of these 5 years, we have acquired enough "material" it is very likely that in the future, this course will be taught in universities with a degree in the key. "


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