Rituals from elsewhere

Exfoliation, bath, massage ... In all the traditions of the world, the purification of the body is essential. We have selected seven rituals, which you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Odile Chabrillac

Chinese reflexology

By pressure on reflex points of the foot, reflexology stimulates the organs that correspond to them. During a detox cure, it is important to improve the balance of the liver to relieve the entire body.

In your home: the liver area is in the plantar area of ​​the right foot. It covers a very large area, located at the base of the third, fourth and fifth toes. Massage it up and down, up to the toes, with parallel vertical movements (never digesting).

The Moroccan scrub

Traditionally, in Morocco, after half an hour of hammam, the body is erased using a glove of crepe, kassa. The impurities are eliminated in quantity, the blood circulation is activated and the heart oxygenated.

At home: If you do not have a home steam room (!), Brush your skin for five minutes every morning before the shower with a natural fiber brush (choose it soft enough) . Day after day, this friction will rid it of an impressive amount of toxins while stimulating circulation.

Tahitian Scrub

In the Pacific, skin is exfoliated with fine sand, which is both gentle and effective in removing its slag (the skin alone removes one third of our organic waste!) .

At home: once a week, erase (Anne Sémonin's Bora Bora White Sand Body Scrub, Algotherm Sand Foam Scrub, in spas, institutes and department stores) all your body from the bottom to the top, always going back to the heart. From the soles of the feet to the buttocks, arms around the neck, then the belly.


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