Alain Chabat: "I'm good everywhere I'm asked"

You have three children. Do they also go to school?

Alain Chabat: I do not think so. I admire their way of naturally accepting school without being in a fight. They know what to take. They are curious about many things, including what you learn at school. I did a lot of things and not much school. They can do both.

It's hard for me to imagine you with your three children. You do not give the image of someone completely adult. Do you feel father?

Alain Chabat: Yes. I can not say that I have all the answers to provide them, but I have the questions. My children wake me up. They put me in front of my choices. So my choices have to agree with what I think, without being a shame for them. I do not feel flawless, but I feel grown up and father. In all this mess, I think my children have found a balance that amazes me. And they are very funny. They are excellent writers. I also poked them a lot, without giving them any copyright, of course.

Do you have dreams for them?

Alain Chabat: I have never had a child "dreamed" - in the sense of dreaming for them - I just want them to be fully realized. If it is to do nothing, they assume this "do nothing" without guilt. I told them a lot that since work takes time in a life, it's important to love the one they choose. Whether it's politics or chocolate breads. If they want to make chocolate breads, they will have fun and make the best of the neighborhood. When work is a chore, it's horrible. I may be idealistic, but I think we can choose a little bit. I did a lot of odd jobs and I always liked doing them.

You were a funny teen? Humor served you with girls?

Alain Chabat: I became interested in girls quite late. As a teenager, I was scared of them, I made movies. And when I realized that they were nice, I was reassured, and then - it's not a bluster - it worked well. I did not "miss during the war", even though I also lived the adage: "We make girls laugh, and after they leave with the beautiful." They are right. They laughed, and after they have a trophy. There are men trophies, women trophies. Check boxes. We can see more clearly.

It's to say?

Alain Chabat: To go from one stage of life to another, one must tick boxes. Here, I ticked the box "adolescence". Then the box "single man's life". I was with "six women at the same time", checked."One woman a night," very well, checked. "Nothing for six months," does too. After, it's a little quieter to move forward. We can move on.

Today, where are you?

Alain Chabat: My next step is to remove the boxes and say: "I'm not ticking anymore." The rest of the way will be lighter. But there is still the box "take a little more time for yourself". She is still a virgin. She tapped her finger, she said, "It's when you want to check me, I'm ready."


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