To be lovers, it can not be improvised

After four years of friendship and seduction, we took the leap and became lovers. I think we were looking for this complicity on all the plans we did not find with our spouses. We love each other as we have never loved, we could live together and be the happiest in the world. But we do not want to break the family and social setting we have created with our respective spouses. Our love is fusional, we are in carnal and intellectual symbiosis.

With my mistress we have a routine that is characterized by small rituals, and that makes us live magical moments, even for the most innocuous. We try to meet every morning, either to make the trip to our work together, or to have our coffee in a favorite bistro. We also find ourselves almost every lunchtime for lunch, just like in the evening, when we make the path in the opposite direction to leave. Everyone comes home a little sad to have to say goodbye, but happy to know that everything starts again the next day.

We also have projects, at the rating scale relationship. We do not plan to buy an apartment or go on vacation in the summer. But we try to schedule days or short stays to spend time together in addition to our daily habits. We take this opportunity to visit exhibitions, walk, and go to the restaurant. It is not easy to plan and organize because we are at the mercy of an unexpected generated by our spouses, but we get there. In those moments, what happiness. Being lovers, it does not improvise, but our love is so strong, so intense, that it is worth it.


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