Testimonials: What I feel in your arms

The moment when they feel fully man or woman? In the arms or the gaze of their partner. Four couples bring us into their intimacy. Testimonials.

Marie Le Marois

"Our intimacy is without taboo"

Pauline and Cyril, in couple since five years, a child

"Our intimacy is without taboo"

"With you, I am meaning woman when I detect desire in your eyes, when I have it too, then I feel strong, independent, not in a position of demand I feel like a woman with you because I feel good in my body and because I know that you find me beautiful I feel woman in our intimacy because it is without taboo and because I love to seduce you With you, I simply feel myself! "

Pauline, 36 years, osteopath

"Before I met you, I was modest"

"I feel fully human with you sexually when I see the desire in your eyes, so I feel a powerful, living desire (animal) It can exceed my conscience I feel totally in my masculine This desire story reinforces our complicity Before I met you, I was modest. I can share everything with you. "

Cyril, 37, engineer

" Under your caresses, I feel like a woman "

Alicia and André, in a couple for three years

" Under your caresses, I feel like a woman "

" You love my body, probably more than me. But I am young, I do not yet perceive completely woman. Rather becoming. I mature with you. Under your caresses, I feel woman. Your responsible and loyal side gives me confidence. You comfort me in the idea that to be a woman is to remain oneself. You support the vision that I have of women and that my mother has transmitted to me: an independent, ambitious, respectful person, who esteems himself and gives the best of himself. I see myself like that in ten years, with you by my side and children. "

Alicia, 22, beautician

" I love feeling your heart racing "

" When did Do I feel fully at ease with you? When we make love! I love your body, I like to caress you, I like to feel your heart racing. If I think a little, I would also say when you fall asleep. The ritual is the same: you put your head in the hollow of my shoulder and I cuddle you. At that moment, I feel protective. But especially in my place, according to myself. I had never lived with a girl before you. You are in me. I'm starting to think about the future, start a family and have our own house. "

André, 24, salesman

" With you, my protective instinct is resurfacing "

Nina and Gérard, a couple for thirty years years, two children

"You reassure me about my femininity"

"With you, I feel fully woman all the time.No doubt because of your gaze on me. He is gentle, sometimes admiring. Before I knew you, I was intimidated. You have such an ability to put people at ease that I have come to see differently. Three years ago, I took ten pounds, due to heavy drug treatment. I did not live it well. But for you, I was the same. You reassured me about my femininity. And, by offering to be a model living with you, you have made me feel better about myself. "

Nina, age 50, order picker

" With you, my protective instinct is resurfacing "

" I feel fully at ease with you when you pose together in front of photographers and painters. At that moment, I have my protective instinct that resurfaces. There are so many perverts in this business that I'm suspicious! We've had about 30 sessions since we started three years ago, and I have that feeling. Yes, in these moments, I feel fully with you. "

Gérard, 52, truck driver


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