"Valérie Trierweiler's book is important and necessary"

The problem is that it tells this truth to the general public ...

Philippe Brenot: Yes, but François Hollande was the first to give their privacy on public roads. She discovered her infidelity not through texting like many, but in the press. Everyone had known before her. In this crisis of the couple that is played in front of the public stage, she could only answer on this stage. For me, the separation did not take place. We are, even today, in a marital crisis that is not over. There was, on behalf of François Hollande, a dry message of repudiation sent in January. Valérie Trierweiler took a long time, because there was this phase of silence, but she answers today because the conflict is not over. That's the answer to what happened in January. But at the level of the female experience, it happened yesterday. It's so present.

What can such a vengeance bring?

Philippe Brenot: It can lead to a repair of the suffering, of its identity too. Suffering was present long before deception: he had let it go, let his image be soiled.

We understand that such an attitude can be liberating at the moment, even enjoyable, but can it be over the long term?

Philippe Brenot: It's possible. The problem is the uncertainty about the consequences of this publication. Many will blame him for damaging the image of Francois Hollande. Of course, there will be a political impact even if the president's opponents say they will not get into this story. But that's not going to happen: it's at the level of people's consciousness. It is possible that his image is really restored, which will certainly reinflate narcissistically. We had that of a woman who must have been bad for being fired without any other form. I think that many will think that it is normal that a woman can revolt. One can not treat a woman like a servant like this: it is also a message sent to men. I do not think the reactions will all be negative. It's going to affect people, even if they say for the most part that they do not want to enter this intimacy. This testimony will undoubtedly also be an example for many couples because there are many who live in such situations.

Is not there a risk that she will be considered an eternal victim?

Philippe Brenot: Not sure. She does not ridicule herself. We feel his wounds. It's sincere: it recounts memories of childhood, their meeting ... Yes, there is also a part of revenge but I think it is necessary.In front of this wound, she reacts. By depreciation, by depreciation. She gives a very thorough account of a marital crisis that people rarely do in such detail because they can not always express it well. She has the means to write. This book is important. Necessary, same. The special conditions make it pay more attention, but above all, it is interesting to understand the complexity of human intimate relations in front of political devices that grind everything. And it is also the important testimony of a marital crisis.


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