Orgasm, enjoyment or tyranny?

demystified, claimed, superanalyzed, orgasm canned yet his mystery. Why is he rebelling unannounced? When does he initiate us to ecstasy? Is it serious to do without it? Does it deserve to be the primary concern of lovers? We investigated the right place of this iconic enjoyment, in our lives, in our heads, in our loves. For it to never become a tyranny, we explored information and testimonies. Inquiry about our bodies, our desires and our fears.

File summary

Story: "Suddenly I screamed"

Isabelle Yhuel, our collaborator, tells in her book her quest for an elusive orgasm. She will meet him by surprise and know how to keep him. But will understand ...

Squirting with or without orgasm

Orgasm is the supposed acme of pleasure. Enjoyment, it speaks of abandonment, emotion, ability to indulge in the other, its senses, its ...

Frigidity is rare

If frigidity sign l absence of desire and sensuality, anorgasmia, more frequent, is limited to a blockade of ecstasy. Nuance of importance.

Orgasm: all you need to know

But what is this storm that carries us beyond the heavens? Dr. Sylvain Mimoun answers our questions. And jostles some received ideas.

Testimonials: Their First Real Orgasm

Orgasm is a fragile mechanic, and slow is the climb that leads to the fireworks. Early or late, six women entrust us with their flight: when their ...


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