Marie Drucker: "Work protects me from my doubts

You do not want to the press people who, by revealing your relationship with the politician François Baroin, forced you to stop presenting the newspaper during the presidential campaign?

Marie Drucker: I talked about it before the press mentioned it. I knew it would be a problem, so there was no question of hiding it. But for someone modest like me, being forced to talk about his private life to the whole of France was a very painful moment. Apart from this event, I am lucky enough to be spared enough.

Born in the world of television, do you consider it your natural environment?

Marie Drucker: It has become my natural environment. Being on the air was not an obsession for me. It has become my passion by dint of work. Work is in my family culture and it protects me from doubts. After a show, I like this feeling of having done all I could, of not being able to do better. I hate having a feeling of incompleteness for lack of work. This value is important also in life. I hate confused, ambiguous situations. I like peaceful, clear relationships. I have a hard time working in the conflict.

It's amazing that you're talking about the need to work a lot when you're a bad student at school ...

Marie Drucker: No, I'm not going to say that! [She laughs.] I was a good student, but for the wrong reasons, it's very different. I hated school to the point of doing everything to move into the upper class, cheating even sometimes thanks to the small papers hidden in my pockets. For everything I was passionate about - being with adults, listening to music, reading - you had to wait until the end of school. I was bored all

the day while waiting to find my universe. I had my baccalaureate as soon as possible. I did an internship at Figaro grandes écoles, I wrote small articles and I said to myself: "My God, that life is beautiful!" And from that day, I worked a lot.


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