6 ways to improve financial privacy in marriage (2)

Financial difficulties are among the top 10 causes of divorce. We have seen in a recent article on Couple & Money, that the first way to improve financial privacy in marriage was to invite God into the finances of the family by marrying His thoughts about the management of the marriage. money.

Today is your day of visitation

I received this Word from the Lord for someone this morning: "Today is your day of visitation." I am very keen to share two videos this morning. I dedicate these 2 videos of prophetic adoration to someone who has been suffering for a while, who is now crying out to God and exhausted in his soul.

How to find a balance on the financial plan?

Many people tend to think that Christianity is an obstacle to enrichment, and to financial prosperity. Scripture says that the root of all evil is not money but "the love of money". That's where the problem lies. Making money is one thing, loving money is another.

Develop your relationship with the Holy Spirit

Very often our worries, our anxieties, our inner turmoil in the situations we are experiencing in our homes are the result of a lack of connection with God. In the face of certain problems, we often do not know what to do, so we get agitated and turn to people for specific instructions.

How to get out of poverty and indebtedness?

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender. (Proverbs 22: 7) Poverty is characterized by lack of money or material goods. Poverty is usually accompanied by debts to others. Debts, whether or not associated with poverty, are a form of slavery.

Do adulterous partners end up getting married and having a happy marriage?

I receive so many letters from suffering women, families devastated because of the spouse's adultery. And this post is intended to answer a question that many deceived spouses are asking themselves. This post is also intended for you who think that the person with whom you live this extra-marital relationship is your true "soul-sister", that a marriage with him / her is very likely, that this relationship is special, that you made a mistake in marrying your current spouse (if you are already mar

6 ways to improve financial privacy in marriage

It's been a while that we have not talked about money, financial management in marriage and I want to talk about it today. Many couples, including Christian couples, have problems directly related to finances (spending habits, financial goals ...). Financial difficulties are among the top 10 causes of divorce.

How to protect your marriage from infidelity?

The media regularly speaks of celebrities, politicians and even pastors who have fallen into the temptation of lust and have had an extramarital affair. It is dangerous to assume that this can never happen to us because the temptations are real. Instead, try to put some guards around our heart to rule out any possibility of falling.

3 Things that open the door to depression

Is not it fascinating to see that a small stream can become a big river and this river can be found in a big lake that looks like the sea? Is it not impressive that small twigs and dead branches on the ground can be the source of a forest fire that destroys everything in its path?

Should I trust him if I forgive him?

Today I share an excerpt from an excellent article by Bishop D. Johnson that answers a question many people ask: "Do I trust him if I forgive him?" Here is an excerpt: To forgive a person and trust him are not two sides of the same coin. This means that you do not have to trust a person just because you have forgiven him.

New Facebook Page

Dear subscribers and friends of MonCouple MesRelations, First of all, I would like to thank you for your active presence on this platform, for your "I like", your sharing, your comments, suggestions, emails inbox, testimonials ... Thank you all! To conform the name of the Facebook page to that of the blog, I had to create a new Facebook page.

New on the platform

Many of you asked me if it was possible to promote Christian events, their products or services on this platform. This is now possible. The blogs moncouplemesrelations.com and favordivine.com are Christian platforms of edification which total more than 200 000 visits per month on average in more than 150 countries in the world, more than 26 000 subscribers on Facebook, and more than 8 000 subscribers by e-mail to the weekly newsletters.

How to develop my relationship with God?

This article is the first of our section My relationship with God. We are always in the great theme of the restoration of marriage - restoration of our relationships - that we address every Saturday. As I often say, the relationship with God is THE relation of relationships. It's the one that most of the time needs to be restored first in our lives, before all other relationships.

Stop worry in 7 habits!

Stop worry in 7 habits! To worry is normal. It's something common for a human being. Not to worry would mean that we live in the world of bisounours where nothing bad happens. However, despite this being normal, worrying invokes the negative in your life. You start focusing on one thing or another.

Get out of your comfort zone for your well-being and success

Getting out of your comfort zone for your well-being and success You finally understood what was the comfort zone. If this is not the case, I invite you to read the article! In this new article, I will give you keys to get out of his comfort zone. Because staying in this zone, you will have understood, it is the routine assured and no future progression.