My Little Beauty Secrets: Honey

Astringent, healing, moisturizing, honey promotes in particular the cellular renewal of the skin, nails and hair. Here are some simple recipes to take advantage of the virtues of honey. Ségolène Poirier Natural antiseptic, honey is one of the best allies to beautify the skin. This nectar of youth has been used since ancient times for its regenerative power.

Skin, revealing emotions

Sensitive, stressed, our skin is talkative: it reveals all these small disorders that we would like to hide. Decryption of our cutaneous states of soul. Valérie Bauhain "I've always had pimples and mixed skin," recalls Charlotte, 44. "I've got them from my mother, but when I started working, she became really fat and my acne, severe, I tried everything, nothing helped.

Cleansing reduction: washing less to preserve your skin?

In the United States, specialists recommend not to wash every day, but only by "zones" to lessen the epidermis. A return to a natural skin or a useless return? The point with Dr. Jean-Loup Dervaux, author of the book Skin diseases . Interview by Laurine Thiodet How does our daily hygiene impact our skin?

Buttocks: as long as they are firm!

Round but plump, imposing but plump ... The trend is voluptuous buttocks. Can this reconcile us with the less visible part of our anatomy? And make us want to strengthen it? Caroline Langlois For all the complexés, the painkillers of the courts of recreation, those which one treated of "big c ...", the time of the revenge rang.

My beauty rituals for pretty feet

They are the ones who wear us every day. That make us move, literally. Yet, we give very little time to the beauty of our feet. Wrongly, because they not only deserve to be highlighted, but also because they can, thanks to simple massages, be a source of well-being. For a minute or a half hour, here are five things to take care of our feet every day.

Hair: "It's decided, I cut"

"Often woman varies" ... If cutting our hair short seems always a difficult decision to take, comes a day when our need to change his head is required. But cutting is never an innocuous act. On the contrary, this beauty gesture always says something about us. Decryption. File summary Testimonials: my new life with short hair They all have a good reason for cutting their hair.

Why it is not so easy to assume its curves

The round and the very round are more numerous to display their forms with pride, in public. But in private, the speech is very different. Complexes and confidences. Anne-Laure Gannac "We are stuffed with our eyes, on posters, under showcases, some kind of funny stems sticking to vertigo because of being on a diet.

When desire makes beautiful

Naked under his eyes, under his hands, we are vulnerable. Conscious, more than ever, of our necessarily imperfect body. And yet the loving gaze of the other has the power to make us accept, if not forget, what we like the least in us. Isabelle Yuhel "I did not like my legs, which I thought were heavy and badly drawn," says 23-year-old Juliet, "I always hid them under pants.

The cold, a bath of energy

If some look forward to it, others dread it. Yet the cold of winter is a precious ally of our beauty, our health, our dynamism. Provided you know how to tame it. Odile Chabrillac Put your nose out and be surprised by the bite of the air. Listen to the sound of his footsteps choked by the snow. Smile at the smoke that is being exhaled.

My hair is extinguished

Beauty on the couch) Your hair is dull and flat, has lost its energy and seems exhausted. As you maybe ... do not panic! Solutions exist to relight the light in your hair. Valérie Bauhain Originally You have tried everything, but they always end up becoming dull, shapeless, unpleasant! By the way, you often attach them right now, right?

8 Recipes for self-made shampoos

Making homemade shampoo is fast, easy and cheap. This also avoids too astringent products and chemical compounds that we would like to preserve our hair. Here is a selection of shampoo and natural care recipes to test the virtues of the "slow poo" trend for your hair. Julie Frédérique Shampoo with Marseille soap Mix 100 g of Marseille soap flakes, 1 liter of mineral water, 2 teaspoons of sodium borate and 20 drops of selected essential oils depending on the quality of your hair (to discover in t

I suffer from my leanness

I suffer from my leanness At the age of 10 I started to lose weight. Today, this thinness is a big problem in my life. I always put 2 or 3 pants on top of my jeans, I do not let anyone touch me. I consulted doctors, but I have no illness. What is my problem? How to have a good size and catch up with my love life?

Against wrinkles, I chose anti-aging acupuncture

I started the acupuncture sessions a bit by chance: I was in my forties, I was a stewardess and my legs made me suffer in the summer . A friend told me about acupuncture, telling me that it was very effective for this kind of inconvenience and talking to her doctor. It was he who, after treating my leg problem, told me about the anti-aging effectiveness of acupuncture.

My Little Beauty Secrets: Cucumber

Antioxidant, moisturizing, healing, cucumber spreads its virtues to take care of our skin. Discover these easy recipes to make when you come back from the market. Audrey Tropauer Cucumber is a well-known vegetable in our salads and summer menus. In beauty, its virtues should be confined to decongest our eyes by laying two washers.

Testimonials: why I chose to go organic cosmetics

Desire for more naturalness and authenticity, desire to preserve the planet or fear of potentially dangerous chemical ingredients ... There are a thousand and one reasons that can push us to make the choice of an organic beauty. Two women and a man who have crossed this course tell what motivated them and what they got out of it.

Tooth care: what if we went organic?

We often forget that our teeth, dressing our smile, catch the eye and say a lot about us. Hence the importance of paying special attention to them and especially of preserving them from any substance potentially detrimental to our health. How to choose your toothpaste and mouthwash? Véronique Deiller This is probably our most spontaneous, almost instinctive, beauty ritual since it has been with us for years .

Can we make self care cream?

Can we make self care cream? For those who love the natural, it is possible to use herbal creams. What makes them successful? How should we apply them? Erik Pigani Psychologist and psychotherapist answers Dry skin, acne, eczema, dandruff, dull hair, sunburn: every boo, his remedy. Thus, blended together, Damask rose, rosewood, helichrysum, rockrose, niaouli and rose hip are known to be effective against wrinkles.

Romantic Bun with a Headband

The Barber Fred, author of the blog CutbyFred , we propose to make a romantic bun very simple to reproduce, using a simple headband or headband. To read, our interview with Fred: "I am revealing". CutbyFred's Romantic Bun by Psychologies-com Romantic Bun with a Banner ... by Frederic Birault Discuss it on the Hair Care forum.

Cosmetics: learn to decrypt labels

Parabens, aluminum salts, phthalates ... Unless you have a degree in chemistry, really know what our cosmetics contain and if they are harmful to our health brain teaser. How to identify harmful substances? What are the possible alternatives? The point with Valérie Domeneghetty, health-environment referent at WECF.

If it's organic, it's better for my skin?

Organic cosmetics are invading the beauty market. Are they as effective as conventional care? Preferable for health? What more do they bring? Here are our answers. Ariane Le Febvre A few years ago, organic cosmetics were reserved for diehard ecologists, frequent visitors to the Marjolaine salon and customers of natural products stores.