Home Cosmetics Manufacturing Guide

If beauty has never been so fun, make your cosmetics can not be improvised. Pro tips to get started and avoid allergic reactions. Gabrielle Devosse Irreproachable hygiene Succeeding your homemade cosmetics recipe is a bit like putting up an Ikea furniture: you have to follow certain rules to the letter!

Varnish: yes to the vegan manicure!

Varnishes "cruelty free", all ingredients of vegetable origin and lasting, an equation made possible by the boom of vegan cosmetics. A short guide to the products that work and if you feel like it, a video recipe to make your "green" nail polish in 3 minutes ... Aurélia Hermange-Hodin Classic nail polishes, allergenic?

4 Homemade care for dry hair

Successive shampoos, water limestone, wind, sun, discolourations, perms and pollution dry out the hair. Here are homemade recipes to offer a bath of sweetness, ideally once a week if they are very damaged. Julie Frédérique Night mask with olive oil Massage your hair once or twice a week with olive oil.

My little beauty secrets: spirulina for tired skin

Beauty, food and even thalassotherapy, spirulina is a microalga used as a food cure to regain energy than skins lack of radiance. Valérie Bauhain Spirulina, the green giant of energy Spirulina: the word is on everyone's lips as its virtues promise. At the Thalasso Brittany Miramar, we find this microalga everywhere: at breakfast, in the form of booster (concentrated) to drink on an empty stomach; as an aperitif, in green caviar balls; and in the spa, in new treatments.

My Beauty Secrets: Nettle

Unwanted, nettle is nevertheless useful for the health and effective for the care of the body. Here are some economic recipes to make at home to enjoy the virtues of this "weed" available all year. Ségolène Poirier Anti-infectious, diuretic, remineralizing and astringent, nettle eliminates toxins and improves physical resistance, but also to take care of skin, hair and nails.

Video: Toning Your Face with Facial Yoga

It takes just five minutes a day ... Thanks to a few targeted self-massage exercises every day, facial yoga helps to erase the stresses and strains of everyday life, to fade dark circles and crow's feet ... And even, to prevent drooping eyelids. Véronique Deiller The palming: warm up your face to better illuminate your eyes Whatever your program, your preparation will remain the same: palming and relaxation of the muscles in your eyes.

My gray hair, I assume!

In an evening, we notice them. Making fun of what people will say, more and more people are wearing their head-lined white hair as early as 30 or 40 years of age. Will money finally make happiness? Tatiana De Rosnay There are not that many, women who show their white hair. Not easy either to find a hairdresser who does not brand you a Diacolor as soon as you walk through his door.

5 Winter rituals to rest your skin

With winter comes the desire to meet and regenerate. Our five caring rituals are accompanied by relaxing exercises or relaxing scents. For a fresh complexion and relaxed features. Claire Dhouailly We humans do not have this ability to hibernate, and our skin does not. However, we can put in place rituals conducive to deep skin recovery.

Beauty on the couch: my skin is irritable

Redness, tightness ... Your skin has a tolerance level so low that anything can cause an unpleasant reaction. In short, you are on edge. Valérie Bauhain At the origin of sensitive skin This generally temporary condition can affect all skin types. Sometimes bad cosmetic choices, significant temperature variations, stress or diet cause a dryness that weakens the skin.

A week to restore radiance to your complexion

Pollution, stress and a bad lifestyle affect our skin and make it dull. Rituals of care, food ... Here is our program to find a glowing mine in 8 days. Audrey Tropauer Why is there a dull complexion? Our skin is a reflection of our health. A smooth epidermis returns a beautiful light. "A well hydrated cheek is smooth and plump, explains Isabelle Benoit, director of scientific innovation of Esthederm.

The right foods to nourish your skin in winter

Dehydration, rosacea ... In winter, our skin must be protected from the inside. Certain foods and supplements bring her what she naturally needs. Marie-Laurence Grézaud Beautify from the inside In the winter, the skin undergoes abrupt climatic changes first: outside the cold, wind and moisture - which can cause scarring, cracking and rosacea - and in the house, the heating heat that dries the skin.

5 Tips to Protect Your Skin from Pollution

Redness, eczema, dull complexion, the skin expresses its suffering in the face of the daily aggression of atmospheric pollution. It is therefore essential to protect it. These simple actions will help you take care of your skin. Audrey Tropauer Pollution of the environment attacks our skin and accelerates its aging.

Beauty: 5 Anti-Fatigue Rituals

Our face is often the first to betray our state of fatigue. To erase the effects and restore radiance to our skin, here are rituals to try, and to adopt! Valentine Pétry 1. A toning massage Studies on the benefits - both physical and mental - of yoga have multiplied over the past decade. And for the skin?

A beautiful skin in five minutes

Make-up every evening, wash his face with a gel, followed by a lotion, put a moisturizer ... Daily actions necessary, but tedious! In addition, my skin is very reactive: with each change of temperature, with each emotion, redness appears. I persisted in finding the quick fix by trying all the new scrubs and cleansing gels.

My skin betrays my state of mind

J have a russet skin. A pale complexion strewn with pretty freckles, one could believe, and it is sometimes the case. But it is also, and above all, an ultra-sensitive and reactive skin. I am uncomfortable? My cheeks blush in a flash. I'm stressed? Bad little pimples point their noses. I am wretched, tired?

Removing make-up makes me more beautiful

There is for some time, when I woke up, the outline of my eyes was all black and my face gray. Since I used to remove makeup every night, I feel that my skin is much prettier in the morning. In general, I start with my eyes with a cleansing lotion and then clean my face thoroughly with tonic water. When waking up, in winter, I apply a moisturizing day cream to prevent my skin from drying out.

What care to take against the first wrinkles?

What care to take against the first wrinkles? I'm 38 years old and I start having wrinkles, not necessarily very marked, in the eyes and around the mouth (the marks when I smile). I always put only the necessary on my skin: moisturizing cream morning and evening, and makeup remover before the evening.

How to reduce my dark circles without makeup?

How to reduce my dark circles without makeup? What can be done to reduce dark circles other than with make-up? I have recently skin under the eyes that is gray when it was not at all the case before. Is it linked to aging? Or only passenger (fatigue)? However, I have recently used a special eye cream "defatigante".

Which beauty products should I choose to look good?

Which beauty products should I choose to look good? Can some products help us look good? At the end of winter like now, my skin is very dull (I do not really like putting on makeup). I hate it because I look bad all the time. What can be done (without UV or other) just to have a skin with more radiance and without putting 3 layers of foundation?

At night, repair and renewal of our skin is favored

At a time when our body is resting, our skin is boiling. Cellular regeneration, reinforcement of the epidermis, activation of the microcirculation: it sets up its own weapons to allow us to better face the day. Mari-Pierre Hill-Sylvestre, dermatologist, decrypts the nocturnal life of our epidermis. Interview by Véronique Deiller Is it true that our skin is changing, that it plays different roles day and night?