We do not marry a man to change him ...

Unmarried women are overwhelmed with stories about the type of man they should and should not marry, and some of these items can be a bit outrageous to some women who say "yeah ... but no one is perfect, so you just have to go with what you have ... and not be too demanding.

Marriage by prophecy or revelation

A sister recently asked me the following question: "A man of God made me understand that he is the one God chose for me." Do I have to marry him? particularly in charismatic or Pentecostal circles. "God told me that you will be my wife" "The Lord revealed to me that I will be the wife of the Pastor" "I had a dream in which I saw that you were my husband .

The importance of Vision - Part 2

This video is the second of Myles Munroe's teaching that I undertook to translate on the importance of the Vision. This teaching was given at a men's conference organized by TD Jakes a few years ago. Very rewarding! TO LISTEN! Other videos in this series to watch: The Importance of Vision (Part 1) The Importance of Vision (Part 3): Discovering Your Call, The Vision for Your Life.

Woman, protect your treasure ...

Some women are able to do incredible things a few times, for a man: to sacrifice their body, their health, their values, their future, their children, their relationship with the Lord and even their eternity with God, for a man !! ! This is very serious ! And that's called idolatry!

William Djamen - Your Heart is Precious ...

This photo I made about two years ago still speaks to me today. She tells me about the importance of protecting oneself, keeping what is precious safe. These pretty shoes make me think of hearts. The Bible says to keep your heart more than anything else in life, because from it emanate the sources of life.

Marry a partner, not a child!

Two people who want to start a business together will see each other as equal partners: each of them will expect a substantial investment from the other partner for the smooth running and success of the business. They will certainly not do the same kind of work; they will not necessarily feel the same feelings at the same time; and they will not always have the same opinion, but each one of them will expect from the other a sincere investment in the enterprise.

Have discernment in dating

A woman wrote to me asking for help regarding her situation. I was eager to share a short excerpt from her email (anonymously), and to publicly address some of the issues she raises, as these are situations I encounter frequently. Question from the reader: Since I met my daughter's father (we are not married), our relationship has always been ups and down: separations ... times.