Fusional relationship in a couple, what dangers?

A fusional love is based on affinities of thoughts. This forms a symbiosis of the two beings that make up the couple. Unlike a passionate relationship, the fusional relationship can last in time and perfectly bind a man and a woman. When two people merge and become one, it can be just as wonderful as problematic!

The steps to break the routine in the couple!

When you notice that your couple has problems and stagnates because the moments of happiness are not as frequent as in the past, it is that there are changes to be made in the relationship. Whether you have been in a relationship for a few months or a very long time, it is often the insidious routine that comes to provoke this phenomenon and lessen the feelings of the partner (s).

What is love coaching?

How can a coach in Love help you to have a fulfilling love life? What are the lessons you can learn from love coaching? How as a sentimental advisor n ° 1 in France I am able to accompany you in your wish to meet the love or to save your couple?

Darling must be spoken: the sentence that can kill a couple!

This is not new, besides I insist regularly on this parameter, but the communication within the couple must hold a preponderant place because of its importance. Admittedly, it is not so simple to want to communicate effectively because with the years one can have a tendency to be locked in oneself, there can be unspoken but especially, there are phrases to avoid pronouncing so as not to ruin the hopes of reconciliation.

2 tips to avoid arguments with his darling!

Regular couple disputes are the main cause of breakup. The permanent tensions mark indeed a real fed up in the couple and most of the time, the only solution that is interviewed by one or both partners is none other than separation. However, it is possible to avoid arguments with his darling by respecting some principles that are not necessarily difficult to implement, but that we do not think immediately.

The importance of saying no to the one we love!

If there is one concept that I learned from my coaching experience, it's about the importance of saying no to the person you love, especially when you really feel like it. In this article, I present to you the importance of following your first impressions and in particular the role of the "negation" in order to free you from a weight without inflating a situation.

Breaking for love, yes it can happen!

It is difficult to end a relationship when feelings are still present and you still love your partner. Yet, some of the vagaries of life mean that you are sometimes forced to no longer share your life with the one who makes your heart beat. For many it is totally incomprehensible because you imagine that love is stronger than anything but unfortunately you must know that this is not always the case.

Couple in crisis: THE instructions for getting out!

If you were told that the life of a couple was a long calm river, it is that you were cheated! Whatever the times, clashes and tensions between partners have always existed. But nowadays it's just more visible than before. However, each couple experiences moments of doubt or arguments that sometimes lead to a temporary separation or not, or the desire to make a break.

Nurture the feelings in the couple, the 3 key steps!

I know that the divorce figures are alarming and that in your environment you know couples who are on the verge of separation. It's never easy to make the right choice and have a stable life for two. However, if you make the right decisions now, you can more easily get the couple in which you can flourish, that is to say the one you've always dreamed of, or almost.

My partner is unemployed: how to react?

The crisis we have been experiencing since 2008 is affecting a large number of people. It is common for one of the partners to lose their job. This situation is difficult to manage for those who are unemployed and negative effects can affect the couple. Negative effects of partner unemployment The impact of unemployment on a person's life is not to be taken lightly.

My relationship is bad: save your relationship in 3 steps!

"Coach, how to react when my relationship is bad?" Here is the question I received this morning from Christelle who absolutely wants to save his relationship from a break and revive passion in his relationship. His love situation looks like a pattern that I often have to deal with in coaching, it is couples who have left the routine to settle in the relationship and can no longer find the joy of living between them.

Combine happiness with a child!

The life of a couple is a set of steps that are crossed one after the other and that consolidate the love story and feelings. So you find the meeting, the seduction phase, the first kiss, the first night together, the meeting with your in-laws, and many more wonderful moments ... But the ultimate step, the one that will unite you forever with your partner is obviously the birth of a child.

The 3 best couple resolutions

Before starting on this article that discusses the 3 good resolutions to take to save his couple, I wish you a happy new year. May all your projects be realized in all areas and even more at the sentimental level! The love life is made up and down and I hope with all my heart that you will find love, keep it close to you or manage to recover your ex.

Tensions in the couple: Your efforts will bear fruit!

Your couple is in crisis and would like to find the most relevant solutions to save your relationship? How to avoid a break when conflicts in the couple are omnipresent? What are the mistakes that you make without even realizing it and pushing your partner into his entrenchments or causing black anger?