The secrets of couples who last

Succeeding in a love life , would it be a question of will? Space of freedom and security, the couple is the object of all our expectations. Some ingredients of lasting love have been brought to light by researchers, even if being happy to two is based on an alchemy specific to each. To love yourself in the long run, resist the wear of time, no miracle recipe.

Couple: Better live their daily life

"The routine weighs me", "We have nothing more to say to each other" , "He does not want me anymore". The life of a couple is far from being a quiet river. Between the compromises to be made, the routine that sets in, the arguments that do not fail to burst and the daily worries, it is sometimes difficult to enjoy this married life that made us dream so much.

Couple: let's stop arguing!

To live in couple and not to argue, it is possible. Even if the domestic quarrels are deemed unavoidable. One can learn to discuss, even subjects who are angry ... without hurting themselves, without being violent, and above all, without putting the love to bad. The explanations of the psychoanalyst Fabienne Kraemer.

Unfaithfulness: Why so much guilt?

Boredom, need to seduce, to reassure ourselves ..., we have a thousand reasons to want truant loves. And to act. If infidelity is never innocuous for a couple, it is not incompatible with love, say specialists. What makes us feel so guilty? Christilla Pellé-Douël Married, happy couple, Emmanuelle, 29, fell under the spell and in the arms of a colleague at a professional conference.

I'm single, is it my fault?

"All to please, and still single", this paradox a thousand times rebattu is at the heart of one of the flagship works of the psychoanalyst Sophie Cadalen. And if, far from being a fatality, being alone was first and foremost an unconscious choice? Decryption and testimonials. Giulia Fois Why do we feel that celibacy is a problem?

Re) fall in love

It is without doubt one of the greatest revolutions of the last thirty years: we can to live "without a fixed love", without fear of prejudices or rejection. Really? Is the amorous state so accessory? Even if their ability to create "real relationships" remains questionable, the success of dating sites would tend to prove the opposite .

Why sex is good for health

Regenerate energy, feel rejuvenated, better health: sexual pleasure acts as a natural remedy and libido prolongs life. Explanations. Marie-Anne Garcia Bour Many studies confirm this: desire, this drive of life contributes to our longevity. Simply because the pleasure of making love makes you happy, and the state of bliss is excellent for the immune system.

The 10 secrets of a fulfilling sexuality

It's time to forget. Constraints, resentments, frustrations, habits. To write, in the lightness of time found, a new page of your intimate history. More joyous, freer, more sensual, more creative. What is a fulfilling sexuality? There is an infinite number of answers to this question. But one will probably be unanimous: the one that gives us the feeling of being really alive.

These men who no longer want to make love

Men also "have migraine". In want of desire, more and more of them are consulting a sexologist. They do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, simply, making love does not interest them. How to explain this drop of libido? Bernadette Costa-Prades "When a couple consults me for a problem of desire, I do not risk turning to the woman to ask:" Since when, madame?

The 4 signs that show that a couple is strong

We all want a strong, fulfilling couple, able to cross storms without breaking. Evolutionary psychology researchers have found that those who were able to forge a positive and lasting relationship met the following four characteristics. Flavia Mazelin Salvi Everyone appreciates the "extremes" of the other According to the well-known adage, "extremes attract each other".

Couple: he does not respect me

We all or almost all our little bad moments vis-à-vis our partner. Sometimes it goes further, and lack of respect slams like a whiplash. From banal distraction to humiliating contempt, these marks always leave traces. Why do they undergo it? How to stop them? Flavia Mazelin Salvi The little pique that hurts, the big burst of voice that shakes or the contemptuous silence that chills .

The 6 signs of nascent love

When our heart stammers at the beginning of a meeting, it is difficult to know if it speaks the language of love well. Some clues can put us on the path. Four psys reveal the behaviors that make you say "I really like it". Bernadette Costa-Prades Of course, there is love at first sight, brutal, without appeal, which does not entail any procrastination.

I love it, but I do not want it

I finally decide to write to you because I can not understand my behavior anymore. I know the boy I have been with for the last four years and have been dating for barely two months. I will try to tell in a few words our meeting and the evolution of our relationship, which has never been really clear.

I'm just masturbating ...

I'm just masturbating ... I find that my sex life is a big problem. I think it started at age 13, an age when the body begins to form and during which I had my first fantasies. At that time, it did not destabilize me too much because I thought it was natural, my body was changing and that it would disappear with time.

True love: 5 signs that do not deceive

The mystery, the fear, the adventure, the desire, the feeling of fully existing: five criteria to help better understand what is true love. Hélène Fresnel "But why do you stay with him (with her)?" How many times have we asked this question to our friends stuck in painful stories? How many times have we asked ourselves what made them persevere in unsatisfactory relationships?

Are we all women fountains?

Several sexologists assure: we are not born a fountain, we become it. To make the source of this pleasure so special, everything would be a question of abandonment ... Giulia Fois Fountains who ignore each other Women fountains: these words make girls blush and dream boys. Each person attaches his personal representations, sometimes adding the images conveyed - and often rigged - by porn movies.

How to know if we really like it?

How to know if we really like it? What are the signs of a real romantic relationship? J. -D. Nasio Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst answers The major theme that lives in a psychiatrist's office is love. Love, hate, emotional problems. How to know if you are really in love? That's a very good question! Because love is often confused with a sense of security.

Do you want to make love while you're alone, is it obsessed?

Do you want to make love while you're alone, is it obsessed? Alone, the lack of pleasure is felt. Is this normal? Is sexuality indispensable to the human being? Catherine Solano Physician sexologist and andrologist answers Being alone and experiencing a desire for love, sexuality, this can not be called an obsession!

A platonic love

I have been married for over 10 years to a beautiful man. I am a wife and a fulfilled mom. Yet today as a teenager, I'm waiting for a call, a gesture, a look ... from someone else. The latter is also married. He is a happy father. When we spend a moment together, we are completely detached from reality.

My husband loves a second wife

I am writing because I am currently experiencing a somewhat unusual situation. I have been married for more than twenty years, happy, in love. Our couple is envied: we give the image of a beautiful couple (what we are). Last May, I discovered that my husband loved a second wife. Not another woman, but a second woman.