Is meditation good for everyone?

Difficult to escape: meditation seems to have become an unavoidable practice for coping with daily stress. Scientists have demonstrated its benefits. Meditators give us their point of view. Anne-Laure Gannac Joséphine Lebard Everybody goes there. Alone in his living room, at the wheel of his car, at the hospital, with his colleagues at Google or Transport for London (to name only the most famous companies), hundreds in front of a charismatic master or with some novices gathered in a gym, chainin

A Brief Guide to Spiritual Development

Are you ready to let yourself be surprised, to give up using your usual tools, your mind, your reason, to come into contact with a new dimension of your being? If you are reading these lines, the answer is necessarily yes. Whether you are a believer, an agnostic or an atheist, come explore in a singular way, using exercises of "spiritual development", new inner lands.

Are we all naturally good?

In these times of massacres, attacks, wars and tragic news, ensuring the preeminence of goodness in man sounds like a provocation. To the psychologist Jacques Lecomte, who supports this thesis, answer a psychoanalyst and two philosophers. Christilla Pellé-Douël "The human being has potential for goodness as well as for cruelty, beside potentially aggressive tendencies (which I do not seek to deny) are present, and more importantly , tendencies to empathy, to altruism, to cooperation.

A small session of bibliotherapy

Read for pleasure. First. But also to understand, learn and get better. Works of personal development, of psychology, novels or collections of poems, all contain valuable ferments of life and healing. Flavia Mazelin Salvi Every month for more than a year, I join the members of the Sans Nom, the reading circle that we have created with some friends to share our favorites, our favorite classics and our disappointments.

12 Tips for setting up a meditation corner at home

Intimacy, light, materials, discover how to create a space in your home for the daily practice of meditation. By Anne-Valérie Rocourt for Houzz We no longer count the merits attributed to meditation: learning to manage stress, to live better emotions or to develop your creativity ... Even companies get started and begin to offer meditation sessions to their collaborators.

I tried not to judge

Criticism, mockeries, comparisons ... We spend our time judging. Situations, others, ourselves. Most often to reassure us and to escape reality. Our journalist tried to put non-judgment into practice, a principle at the heart of most spiritual traditions. Flavia Mazelin Salvi The idea has come to an editorial conference, in the course of the exchanges on the book The Year I lived according to the Bible of A.

Boris Cyrulnik: God Has a Fatherly Function

In his latest book, Psychotherapy of God , Boris Cyrulnik questions our need for belief. Where is he from? What is it for us? The neuropsychiatrist offers us an unprecedented vision of our relationship to religion. Interview by Christilla Pellé-Douël Psychologies: Your book is called Psychotherapy of God.

Meditate in 10 lessons: What position to meditate?

Good seated, his back straight, his heart open ... Fabrice Midal , philosopher and Buddhist specialist, shows us how to adopt a good position is fundamental to be fully in the practice of meditation. Meditating in 10 lessons: What position for ... by Psychologies-com Meditating in 10 lessons: What position to meditate?

Meditate, the best antistress

S immobilize. To shut up. To witness what happens in itself. For many of us, this sounds like a challenge. We were encouraged to multiply activities, to feed ourselves with the "noise and fury" of the world, to consider silence as sterile. We believed that the source of our balance was outside of us.

Meditation changed my life

Samuel was a boy in a hurry, stressed. During a stay in Thailand, he discovered the practice of vipassana meditation, a "motionless journey" that reconciles body and mind. Since then, his eyes, his emotions and all his life have been metamorphosed ... I had been working in Bangkok for two years and my curiosity led me to meditate, as do some of my Buddhist friends.

How to practice meditation on a daily basis

Postures, breathing, frequency ... Using your mental strength to find peace is easier than you think. A precise seven-step guide for those who want to learn how to practice meditation on a daily basis. Laurence Lemoine When stress suffocates us, we are like the mountains encircled by clouds. To meditate is to let the wind clear the sky and reveal the azure.

They believe but do not practice

We do not necessarily see them at the exit of the church, the mosque or the synagogue. But they are not atheists. How do they live in the religion in which they grew up? How do they transmit it? Helen, Saba and Michele tell. Margot Deville On the night of December 24, there will be many churches to display complete.

Professions of faith: they chose a spiritual path

They are young and of different faith, but all have chosen to follow the spiritual path. Why did they become imam, rabbi, pastor, Buddhist nun or Carmelite brother? They tell us about their quest and their way of living it on a daily basis. Richard Belfer "I want to teach an Islam faithful to the text, but enlightened, adapted to Western life" Messaoud, 30, imam "I spent my childhood in Algeria.

Does my religion make my identity?

"I am Muslim", "I am a Christian", "I am Jewish" ... Religion always looks like a part of the world identity of each believer. But how far? At a time when the faith is not well-known and where only community withdrawal, extremism and rejection of the other are in the news, three representatives of the three monotheistic religions have agreed to confide in one another.

5 Monastic rules to adopt daily

To find inner peace, you do not need to put on a dress. More simply, we can inspire each day principles of wisdom common to the great religious orders. Flavia Mazelin Salvi Withdraw from the turmoil of the world, afford the luxury of time and silence, immerse yourself in giving meaning to your life .

Spiritual Retreat at Home

To set up a break "out of the world" is not reserved for monks or believers. We can all, without leaving our living environment, withdraw to better connect us. To our inner dimension, but also to others. Flavia Mazelin Salvi Finding yourself Retreating from the hustle and bustle of the world, alone, at home, for a few hours or a few days: spiritual retreat is not a new way of practicing art regressive cocooning, but an opportunity to connect with the spiritual dimension of our being.

Anne Roumanoff: "I received the baptism"

Each month, a personality comes back to a moment of spiritual or existential awareness. This month, Anne Roumanoff. Bertrand Révillion She begins by saying "no." "My spiritual life is watching me, I have no desire to see it spread in the newspapers." We dare to insist, we argue that his words may be able to become a small flash of light for others .

Patrick Bruel: "I've become less skeptical"

Each month, a personality comes back to a moment of spiritual or existential awareness. This month, Patrick Bruel. Bertrand Révillion He greetily describes his return to the stage. The actor becomes a singer and offers us a bunch of new songs where we feel that life, with its joys, its wounds and its mournings, has matured man .