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Looking for a coach to build self-confidence? You live in Lyon and you hesitate to carry out a coaching in personal development? I have been moving for several years now for self-confidence coaching sessions in Lyon and its region, to help you overcome your problems but also to achieve all your goals of confidence and self-esteem.

Do you really know what it means to be fulfilled in love?

Love is a strong feeling and so wonderful that it gives wings. This is even more the case when the person with whom we share our life is present in difficult times and is available. Yet being filled in love does not stop at this single step. It has a context to set up to find happiness as a couple and I present the essential steps throughout this article.

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The most beautiful Quotes about love disappointment

It must be admitted that love is an exceptional feeling and great to live, but the fall can be terrible and truly destructive! Indeed, when a break occurs and the disappointment in love tip the tip of his nose, it is sometimes very difficult to recover. Even when one is more with a person and one has a broken heart, the feelings do not disappear as easily.

The keys to overcoming a love disappointment!

A disappointment in love can have painful repercussions on everyday life. Without going so far as to evoke a severe depression, it can settle after a painful separation a form of depression, memories that go back to the surface or the syndrome of the broken heart. These phenomena tend to revive moments spent with your ex, but also dreams that are often interpreted as a wish to recover his half.

Sadness in love: The plan in 4 steps to overcome it!

Love is a fabulous feeling but it is also very paradoxical. It can both achieve a form of fullness and well-being when everything goes as desired, but conversely it can cause extreme suffering when nothing goes. It is not for nothing that one speaks of broken heart or sadness in love after a painful emotional event ... There are many reasons why love and sadness are linked, but the one that immediately comes to mind is suffering in love after a breakup.

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This is a new special event that I invite you this Sunday, May 29 at 18:00. Indeed, you will be able to attend the first conference that I organize to improve his sex life and his couple. This aspect is often neglected in the life of two. It is true that it is a bit taboo to talk about it even when we are together for years, it is precisely against these clichés that I decided to act and I wanted to organize this brand new web conferencing entirely Free.

Why your ego will allow you to move forward

"You have everything to succeed, but it's not for me to tell you, it's up to you to understand and assimilate it." This sentence was spoken to me in my youth by my basketball coach. As much to say to you that to analyze such words, it is necessary to know oneself that is why in my opinion your ego will allow you to advance.

The role of the past on the behavior of lovers

Love behavior is often complex to understand and that's why I wanted to be interested. Seven out of ten coachees tell me that their childhood education and behavior played a role in their actions today, both positively and negatively. To understand who you are as an adult, it is necessary to study which child you were?

Violated, I have since a love blockage: how to get out?

I hesitated for a long time before writing this article because I do not pretend to be a psychologist or doctor. However, since the beginning of my career in coaching in 2007, I have accompanied thousands of women and many have given me their experience of the past. I know that being raped is an extremely painful event that you fight every day, and I want to send you my advice to help you believe in love again.

Love Depression: All the steps to get out!

Love depression can affect all of us as a result of a painful separation or divorce, and that's why I thought it was important to treat this sensitive topic in a special issue. I want to give you the keys to better understand the origins of this disease but also the symptoms, with the aim of being able not only to anticipate but also to overcome it.

How to forget a man: 3 steps and 1 great tip

It is not easy not to think about a man that we loved or still love today. Making this decision to turn the page permanently is a sign of courage and you make a strong choice that demonstrates your desire to move forward. I therefore want to accompany you in this process and to help you so that you respect this choice you made.

Get out of celibacy in 1 month, how is it possible?

How to overcome his shyness in love to find the right person? How to find love by regaining self-confidence? How can one not fear to go to others in one's daily life and to offer oneself a stable and happy love life? Before doing this job, I never imagined being contacted by thousands of people wishing to leave celibacy and / or overcome their shyness in love.

Happy New Year ! May love and happiness accompany you

Friends, On this first January 1st, I join my whole team to wish you a very happy new year 2017 !! I hope that the next 365 days but also the next ones will be synonymous with happiness and joy in your life. First of all, I would like to thank you for the trust you have shown in being nearly 10 million people to visit my site in 2016.

What is the meaning of the word Love?

On this Valentine's Day, I wanted to be interested in a subject that is little studied as a rule but which is o how important because it is in my eyes the basis of everything. This is the understanding and analysis of the word Love. If you want to know what the true meaning of the word Love is, it's time to be attentive or attentive as this will determine the rest of your life and your way of behaving.

How to build good social relations?

How to succeed in creating good social relations? How to learn to seduce his interlocutors in just seconds? What are the tips for becoming a better communicator? To succeed in your love life, whether you are looking to meet your soul mate or to save your relationship, I invite you to work on your communication in order to always seek to establish good social relations with the people around you.