8 lies that destroy the marriage (2/4)

Any bad habit starts with believing a lie. Some ideas are widespread in today's society and can very quickly destroy a marriage. (Suite of the series) Lie # 3: "My private immorality does not affect my marriage" "I can watch pornographic images in my private area at home.

Leave my wife because she speaks badly and has a behavior that displeases me: Is it Biblical?

The article "found a family is serious, do not engage lightly" that I recently wrote has generated a lot of interest on the various social networks on which I shared it. The comment of one of the readers marked me a lot because it reveals a thought very widespread today in the Christian environment and which, for me, is simply an infiltration of the system of thoughts of the enemy in our Christian families.

Easy divorce, a lie!

I share today an excerpt from an interesting article by Jimmy Evans (published in MarriageToday) that I just translated, on easy divorce. The proportion of divorce is particularly high in the world, including in the Christian community. Easy divorce? A lie! For those who view divorce as an easy answer to marital problems, there is an increasing number of arguments that suggest the opposite.

Divorce: 10 useful Bible passages

Divorce is very common today even among people who call themselves Christians and go to church. You may be reading this article because you are wondering about it. Here is what the Word of God reveals on this question: Malachi 2: 15-16 - Watch over your mind: let no one betray the woman of his youth, for I hate divorce, says the Lord, the God of Israel and he that covers his habit of violence, says the LORD, the master of the universe.

8 lies that destroy marriage (4/4)

Any bad habit starts with believing a lie. Some ideas are widespread in today's society and can very quickly destroy a marriage. (End of the series) Lie 7: "Breaking the marriage alliance will not hurt neither my children nor me" When the divorce introduces a family, it causes injuries, it always leaves scars.

Divorce and remarriage: What does the Bible say?

Here's a question that comes up quite regularly: "I do not like my spouse anymore. Can I divorce and remarry? "Let's look first at what the Bible says about divorce. 1) God hates divorce and wants you to stay married! Malachi 2:16 (VVD) Indeed, this is what the LORD God of Israel says: "If anyone sends away his wife because he hates her, he is guilty of violence.

Divorce or fight: make the right choice

God heals homes in trouble. Jesus Christ restores couples, broken families. God who is the Author of marriage and the Father of all the families of the world, knows better than anyone how to give life, flavor, happiness to a destroyed family. If one day I had been told, that I would live the events that occurred in my life as a couple in 2006, I would never have believed!

God told me that I married the wrong person

When a man wants to divorce his wife to marry another, all pretexts are good they say ... And we often hear men give incredible reasons to justify their choice to divorce. Someone once told me: "God told me that I married the wrong person and that I have to divorce to marry her.

Open letter to fathers

Today's text is a message from Bob Steinkamp that I just translated. Bob left his wife after several years of marriage for another woman. They ended up getting divorced. But after two years of separation, Bob returned home and remarried to his wife Charlyne. They lived together for an additional 23 years before the Lord took him back.

8 lies that destroy the marriage (1/4)

Suppose you meet, just before they get married, a couple engaged for a few weeks. With excitement, they describe how they met and how their relationship was built. The future husband then tells you proudly how he prepared a perfect romantic evening for the engagement, etc.