What is the Attitude to Have With an Inconverted Husband?

I'm sharing a video from Annabelle Sourdril's program, Paroles de Femmes, with Pastor David Storm as guest and talking about a topic for which many women among us would like answers: How to show my faith to my husband unconverted? How to take my husband to God? How to do when my husband does not share my faith in Christ?

How to be liberated from physical complexes?

Too many women are locked in invisible prisons, the prison of the complex. "I'm too fat ... too thin ... too big ... too small ... my hair is too stiff .... too curly ... my complexion is too dark ... I am too light complexion ... I find myself ugly ... "We women tend not to love us and not to accept us.

Signs that your husband does not feel respected

Have you noticed that the media tends to portray men, and dads in particular, as clumsy idiots and incompetent in popular programs of the public? Whatever our idea of ​​it, the truth is that the idea of ​​the incompetent father has permeated our culture - more than we think.

Encouraging word for a woman ...

I would like to share an encouraging word for women today. Many are bruised. Many have been despised, abused, abandoned, rejected, exposed ... Many have been hurt in their souls by the verbal, physical, or psychological brutality of their spouse, or by the infidelity or treason and irresponsibility of their spouse ... Many have come to accept these words and attitudes of rejection, and are persuaded to have no value ... Many feel deeply devalued.

Infidelity in the couple: how to rebuild inwardly?

I have to heart today, a message for a person who is experiencing a situation of infidelity in the couple. It is a woman who is a victim of this situation. You are married and your spouse is unfaithful. You suffer from it and wonder what to do ... Infidelity is like a poison. It's devastating!

Submit me? No, but you're kidding?

Nowadays, the idea of ​​submission has taken on very negative connotations. And for good reasons! Too many people in positions of authority use their authority abusively to control others for their own selfish interests. But God never gives authority to anyone for that person to dominate over another human being selfishly.

Wrap your praying husband from head to toe

Ruth B. Graham often gave this advice to women: "Say the positive to your husband and the negative to God." In other words, be as encouraging and positive as possible to your husband and say your concerns to God. Prayer is the means by which we call for the intervention of heaven in our earthly affairs.

Acquire the wisdom to build your house securely

It is by wisdom that a house is built, and by intelligence it is made solid. (Proverbs 24: 3) The LORD hath made the earth by his power, and hath solidly founded the world by his wisdom, and hath spread the heavens by his understanding. (Jeremiah 10:12) I attended the 2016 Conference of Women of Churches Vases of Honor organized by Pastor Liliane Sanogo.

Understand how men communicate

In marriage, communication seems to be one of the biggest challenges. This is one of the points on which it is really necessary to work continuously. Differences between men and women often make communication difficult. And these differences are of several kinds: difference of roles, differences in the way of seeing, perceiving things, differences in the way of expressing them.

Pornography, a danger for the family

Among the greatest destroyers of weddings; there is pornography and lust. 80% of men and 30% of women consume pornography and the pornography industry is destroying lives and many homes. Read: 10 Consequences of Pornography on the brain, marriage and intimacy of the couple.

A sweet woman, this is priceless ...

I heard a man say recently: "a sweet woman, it is priceless". There is a power in gentleness and God wants each one of us to manifest this fruit of the Spirit in his home, in order to have a more harmonious relationship with his spouse. Gentleness is an extraordinarily powerful key in relationships.

Testimony of oppression release - Sylvie Thery

I have been particularly passionate about women these last days and today, I am eager to share this testimony of deliverance of oppressions that Sylvie Théry shared on the set of Paroles de Femmes. A number of women have gone through this situation or are currently experiencing this situation which threatens to destroy their relations, their ministry, their marriage, etc.

Ruth Graham: A Testimony From Billy Graham's Book "As I Am"

Dear readers, Today I share a text that I have just read on www.enseignemoi.com. It is a testimony from Billy Graham's autobiographical book, where he paints a portrait of his wife Ruth Graham. - Good reading! Short excerpt from Billy Graham's book "As I am" The relative comfort we had enjoyed on the continent was totally absent from the Midlands.