Adultery: typical differences between men and women

Here are some typical differences between men and women in relation to infidelity (a question that many people ask themselves). Men and women have a different perception of infidelity, and this, of course, influences the way they respond to it. The purpose of this post as precedents on the subject, is to help you: understand that what you feel rather typical in all those who go through this situation better understand what your spouse feels.

Emotional adultery: a dangerous game in marriage (Testimony)

Emotional adultery ... What does it exist? Well yes ... and this is a situation that often happens, including in the Christian world. Most of the time, we do not realize it because we say that as long as there is no intimacy, there is no adultery. I would like to introduce this topic by this testimony that I found on the internet and translated for you.

It's your fault if your husband deceives you!

"It's your fault that your husband is cheating on you!" This is a phrase that many women confronted with their spouse's infidelity often hear (even from the mouths of some servants of God!). And today I would like through this post to address especially to women who go through this situation in their homes.

The grass is not greener elsewhere

The grass is not greener elsewhere. It's green where you just water it. One often has the tendency to look at the straw that is in the eye of others rather than the beam that one has in one's own eye. In the same way, it is easier to accuse a spouse of all the misfortunes and difficulties in the couple than to evaluate oneself and make the necessary changes to get things done.

What is adultery?

All adultery is a breach of trust and involves infidelity. There are two main categories of adultery: adultery with physical contact and adultery where the intimacy of feelings is at stake. Physical adultery It consists of different degrees of physical and sexual contact between a married person and a person. no one other than his spouse.

4 steps to adultery

It is rare that adultery occurs spontaneously. It is the culmination of a process. We ignore several warning signs, and then comes the moment of crisis. Everything starts in thought. Then come emotions and words transforming the theory into reality. Do Christians flirt?

Are there any mistresses who got married by their partner?

A person came to me recently, looking for testimonies of mistresses who managed to get married by their partner ... already married ... This person is unfortunately not alone. Many people ask questions like this: Can one have a husband married to a man according to the Bible? I'm going out with a married man.

File: Adultery, Infidelity in the couple - Restoration Trip

The coming weeks will be devoted to the subject of adultery. Adultery is a scourge in our present societies. This is one of the most common causes of divorce! Adultery drags in its wake a destructive hurricane ... Adultery is friend with death. But whoever commits adultery is meaningless, doing so is destroying oneself.

What drives you to commit adultery?

Adultery is above all a question of heart. Even if the circumstances provide the opportunity, initiate and trap, in the end, it is we who choose in our heart the way to go (and to accuse his partner of this situation is to disempower and that is in fact, choosing not to attack the problem at the root is to choose not to heal).

Bible verses on adultery

Many people come to me with questions about adultery. What does the Bible say about adultery? What does the Bible say about infidelity? What is the Biblical definition of adultery? Is adultery an unforgivable sin? I have no other answer than it reveals to us the Word of God. We will see in this article, Bible verses that will allow you to get an idea of ​​the thought of God about adultery.

Do not worry about green grass syndrome!

What I call green grass syndrome is this unhealthy tendency that some men or women have to compare their spouse to one or another by saying that the "other" is better, which, of course, gives them the temptation to dump everything to go elsewhere; often with this false impression that they will be able to carry all the advantages they have in their marriage in the "new life" without it costing them anything.

What drives you to commit adultery? (3)

We are still on the series: What drives to commit adultery? One of the characteristics of the adulterous heart is that it is meaningless. He is crazy". By nature, every human being has a penchant for madness. Proverbs 22:15 invites us to remember our roots: "Madness is attached to the heart of the child.

The miserable consequences of adultery

My son, be attentive to my wisdom, listen to my understanding, so that you may keep the reflection, and let your lips keep the knowledge. For the lips of the stranger distil honey, and her palate is sweeter than oil; But in the end it is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.

How to be free from emotional adultery?

Emotional adultery ?! Anything ... It exists? Oh yes ... And a lot of weddings are devastated because of that. Emotional infidelity occurs when one of the spouses begins to invest his affection in a third person, outside the marriage ... a friend ... a friend ... who, slowly, takes the place of the spouse in the heart of adultery.

What happens to other women today ...

My ticket today is not an article like the others. It's just a shambles. It's a shame to see so many marriages destroyed, lives shattered, children hurt because of the adultery of one of their parents. This is the theme on which I receive the most private e-mails. What often shocks me is the unconsciousness of young women who go out with married men, fathers of families.