Eight lessons about adultery

Marriage requires some exclusivity. Once one is married, God's will - to save us from torment - is that every husband has his wife and every woman has her husband. Some ignore the divine principles. Others despise these principles they know yet.

How to protect yourself from adultery in the workplace?

How to protect yourself from adultery in the workplace? If you work with a Frank The Charmer or Tina The Temptress, you will find in this text some ideas to hold firm against the temptation. Colleagues are often called upon to work on projects or to solve problems together, and the resulting proximity of course favors teamwork; but it can also create a sense of intimacy.

How a parent's infidelity can hurt a child

The recent article on the consequences of adultery sparked a lot of reactions. I received a lot of questions and testimonials including that of a sister connected to this platform and that I really wanted to share with you. This testimony shows how a parent's infidelity can open the door to destruction in the lives of his children.

5 Things that can easily lead to infidelity

Infidelity never comes suddenly. It is always the result of a situation that persists in the couple and is not resolved or it is the result of a lack of wisdom in the interactions with a person of the opposite sex. Here are 5 things that can easily lead to infidelity in a couple: 1.

When infidelity strikes my couple

Maude's day began as usual, on the road - normal, Maude is the mother of three children. Drop kids at school by 7:45 am, take a quick shower and slip on a cup of coffee while working out your strategy for the rest of the day. She had to return some items to the store, do some shopping at the grocery store, stop at the dyer's shop, have lunch, and go to the dentist at 1:15 pm.

A family saved in extremis ...

God gives grace and is able to save those who cry to Him. This living and actual testimony of a brother in the faith shows that even today, God saves couples in difficulties ... This testimony shows not only the effectiveness of corporative prayer (2 or more people praying for the same cause) but also that of a woman to save her husband in distress.

Behind The Betrayal is Glory!

In the publication calendar of Blog Couple Christian, Saturday is the day dedicated to the encouragement of all those who go through difficult moments in their couple, in their home. Today, I share a message of encouragement that has been communicated to me by a faithful reader of this blog.

I am attracted to a married man ...

QUESTION I am a Christian woman. I am terribly attracted to my colleague who is also a Christian. The problem is that he is married! I have always considered adultery as something despicable. Here I am in a rather complicated situation ... In the beginning, our relations were professional; but they gradually became personal.

Live in adultery ... But what a mess!

I receive so many letters from women and men who are suffering because of their spouse's adultery. And it's a situation that shocks me and saddens me deeply. When I see the suffering, the distress of those women and men who have been loosely betrayed and abandoned by their alliance partner ... I'm crying!