Threaten to leave his wife or man, is it a good idea?

Couple problems poison the lives of many couples despite their love. Unfortunately, each love story sooner or later encounters conflicting moments and even if they are sometimes good for the couple, they must not go beyond a certain stage. The education of the children, the finances of the couple, the relations with the in-laws, the subjects which can be sources of disagreements are particularly numerous.

How to reassure a possessive woman

Many couples break up because of the behavior of one of the partners, more precisely because of one of his feelings: jealousy, or rather his possessive side. Indeed, I receive many stories of stories that break because of recurring crises.

The method to recover an ex and overcome the past

In Hollywood movies that we've all seen in the movies or TV series, love is always a winner. The hero comes running to the church and tears the one he loves to the villainous billionaire who is not sincerely in love with the beautiful and who will hurt him.

The 3 worst mistakes with his ex, to avoid absolutely!

It is clear that wanting to reclaim his ex is to show courage, but also self-sacrifice, reflection and it is also necessary to put his temperament a little side. This does not amount to bending over backwards for the person you love because there are things that are acceptable in a reconquest and others not.

After separation, you can not recover your ex if ...

In our life, we will all face a breakup at least once. If you read this article today it is the case and you wonder what to do. After the separation it is difficult to know how to manage his emotions especially when it is in the idea of ​​reclaiming his ex.

My ex is too proud to return: what to do?

As you know, there can be many and many obstacles to a reconquest. You have already tried several techniques, you think you have made the right choices but unfortunately the one you want to recover does not come back to you. He has a strong character, it's nothing to say because in fact it goes even further, he has a pride very misplaced which prevents you from recreating attraction between you.

Get her ex free and in two hours!

There is a little more than a month, I organized my first conference with free advice to recover his ex. This event was a great success because all the places were torn off in a few hours and you were therefore slightly more than 200 participants. I was even forced to refuse dozens of additional listings so that the quality of the video and sound is not impaired.

The sexual life of single Christians

Our faith should have an influence on the decisions we make in our sex life, as to who to have sex with and when to have sex. What do you think? The Bible has a lot to say about this, but obviously, many Christians act as atheists with regards to their sex lives.

He wants to push me to break

This is a subject that I have not yet dealt with in depth but which affects many people. I see it in your comments, during my coachings and in my workshops. Many women have a particular couple problem because the man behaves badly, does everything to be hated, for one purpose, to be dumped.

Why is love not simple? An expert answers you!

When we share the life of a man or a woman we can sometimes not always be happy and need help to find the flame because you believe in this story. You have experienced incredible moments and you just want to relive these, and even if the love is not simple you know deep inside you that it is always possible.

Get your ex back at Christmas: the ultimate gift!

We are a few days of Christmas and many testimonials are coming to me about how to behave during this time of the year with his ex. As families gather, have a good time, you are going through a painful time, which is particularly difficult to overcome during this time.

My half no longer wears his wedding ring, what does it mean ?!

At the time you read these lines or rather at the time of writing this article, a marriage will end badly. It is clear that in recent decades the number of divorce is growing steadily. I do not need to look at the statistics given on television or by INSEE to know it, I just have to read your comments or your stories to see that more and more unions are breaking, including after only a few months.

An exercise to succeed in your radio silence!

If you've read my special issue on the art of radio silence (SR), you're probably wondering what's the secret to being able to stop communicating with your ex. As I realize that it is difficult to get started, I wanted to give you really useful help. In this video of my program on the S.

Discover the physical exercises to do after a break

Today, we are fortunate to welcome "Al" who is the co-director of the site and who will enlighten us on how to get better after a break. If he often deals with the issues: How to build fast muscles or how to have abdominals, he has kindly agreed to give his opinion to help you perform physical exercises after a break!

How to show my ex that I changed?

After a break it is often difficult to build confidence in his ex because we think its impossible change and we do not want to go back. You have probably already felt this feeling, but unfortunately you are suffering this today. The one you love no longer believes you and therefore does not want to give you a second chance because for him / her you will never really evolve.

My ex needs to breathe, how to leave him space?

When one experiences a breakup, especially when it is unexpected, one tends to have bad reflexes, especially when the feelings are still very strong. It is difficult to accept the break, we absolutely want to return his ex as soon as possible and this can cause bad reactions.

How to fill a man? Here are the 3 basic steps!

How to fill a man is one of the questions that comes up regularly in the women I accompany and it can have a double connotation. Indeed, there may be a connection with the intimate aspect of a relationship but not only. It can also be the desire that a woman may have to better understand his man.

Facebook live with Alexandre Cormont tonight at 8:30 pm!

After a first test event on Facebook a few weeks ago that was a great success with more than 700 people connected live and nearly 500 messages exchanged, I decided to launch a series of Facebook Live with Alexandre Cormont. And the first episode starts tonight at 8:30 pm! This is an event not to be missed, as I will be answering all your questions regarding Miami's love life and personal development live from Miami, in particular to guide you on how to use Facebook to recover your life. ex.

My ex is a big naze but I still love it!

Are you mixed between love and hate after breaking up? You would like to be able to recover your ex but you blame him for all this suffering inflicted? How to take stock of your emotions and your feelings to start again? After the break, it often happens that I hear this type of speech "my ex ex is a big naze but despite that I still love it".

The family of my ex hate me, how to save our love?

Your ex-in-law hates you and you do not know how to get your ex back in these conditions? Is it possible to succeed in a reconquest even if the relatives of your ex do not like you? How to act effectively to prove to your ex that there is a new chance to give to your couple despite the contrary opinions of those around you?