My husband's heart has completely hardened ...

My husband's heart has become completely hard on me. He / she is cold, insensitive, completely hard, closed to me. Is there still hope for the restoration of my marriage? - That's the question someone is asking today about his marriage. Here are some biblical verses that will allow you to grasp the thought of God on this subject: The heart of the king is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; He inclines him wherever he wants.

Free yourself from the regrets and mistakes of the past

Regret is a feeling the enemy uses to keep many people captive of their mistakes, of their past, locking them into limitations. Satan takes pleasure in making us believe that once one has made wrong choices and sinned against God, he has us in his nets and will keep us forever in this net of sin and that God will be forever in anger against us.

God wants to answer you and heal your couple!

The message I have on my heart this morning is a word of encouragement to all those who are in the breach for the restoration of their marriage on this platform. God wants to answer you and heal your couple! In some difficult seasons of our lives, especially the seasons when the fulfillment is slow to arrive, it is good to take a quiet moment in one's secret place, to repeat again and again what God said concerning the prayer prayer .

Decided to hold firm!

Here is a series of confessions for faith, words of a winner of an unknown author, on his decision to hold firm in his commitment despite his marital difficulties. I TAKE POSITION FOR THE HEALING OF MY MARRIAGE! I will not give up, I will not give in, I will not get tired, I will not move on until the healing has taken place.

How to Strengthen In Difficult Moments in Marriage?

Do you feel weak in your circumstances? Or are you strong in the Lord? I advise and support in prayer almost daily couples suffering. One of the comments that I hear quite often is: "I feel so tired, I'm exhausted, I can not stand it, it's too hard ... I feel like I have lost the battle for the restoration of my marriage.

Declare, Decree until a New Season Appears!

I would like to add to everything that has been said in the Post Decrees and Declarations in the Kingdom of God by encouraging you to declare what you already have and to declare fulfillment on earth what is already true in the invisible world, in the Kingdom of our Eternal Father, but which is not yet manifest in your life.

25 Biblical Verses comforting for troubled marriages

Someone recently asked for verses on which it is important to meditate when going through difficult times in marriage. Above all, I would like to say it is so important that each spouse develops a real intimacy with God! So important! Too often we expect the spouse to meet all our needs and create a kind of co-dependent relationship from which God is excluded.

Restoring marriage: confiding in God

Indeed, I know the projects that I form for you, declares the Eternal, projects of peace and not of misfortune, in order to give you a future and hope. (Jeremiah 29:11) The projects (or thoughts, plans, goals) that God has for us are projects of peace. But we do not experience this peace (Shalown: complete state, perfection, well-being, health, safety, prosperity, tranquility) in all areas of our lives, because we refuse to do what God asks us to do. to apply His principles daily in our lives an

Save my relationship with my fiance

Christian Couple Blog is a platform of consolation and encouragement for all those who have relationship difficulties. God gave me a heart for restoration, healing relationships. Many have already experienced healings in their marriage and I firmly believe that God will do even greater things and that this year we will hear extraordinary testimonies.

How to overcome discouragement when the promise of restoration of marriage is slow to be fulfilled?

How to overcome discouragement when the promise of restoration of marriage is slow to be fulfilled? Do you feel that you have reached the end of your strength? Are you discouraged? You have fasted. You prayed, prayed and prayed again. You have begged, you have sought God for the restoration of your marriage and nothing seems to move despite the promises that God has made to you ... Are you discouraged (e) to want to abandon everything and to close definitively the door to all hope of seeing God

How to obtain a promise from God for the restoration of his marriage?

Following the article I published Wednesday - What if my adulterous spouse decides to leave me for the other? -in which I encouraged to expect the Lord for the fulfillment of the promises and persevere, a subscriber asked me a very relevant question Question: Hello Aisha, when you say that we must rely on the promise what God has done for the restoration of my marriage, is it the promise of the Word of God or a specific promise for us and in this case, how to get that promise?

Testimony: God restored my couple!

God hears our prayers! I have a new testimony to share with you this week! Hallelujah! This is the testimony of Yannick, who is here. God acted in his relationship and he wanted to testify on this platform, in order to encourage everyone to become attached to the Lord, to expect Him, because indeed He answers the prayers!