Restoration of the wedding - Do not relax!

I have a message for a person who is in the breach for the restoration of his marriage this morning: do not give up. Do not get discouraged. Persists. Insist, using all kinds of prayers: supplications, thanksgiving, declarations ... Because contrary to what your circumstances show you, something is happening in the spiritual world.

Decrees and declarations in the Kingdom of God

The decrees manifest heaven on earth. By this means we bind the works of darkness and bring forth the manifestation of God's reign and will on earth. You were made kings / queens and priests by Christ at your new birth. Do you declare and decree regularly in your prayers?

What is not done in prayer is not done at all!

The natural world is controlled by the spiritual world. Everything that happens in the natural world first existed in the spiritual world. By faith, we understand that the universe has been harmoniously organized by the word of God, and that the visible world has its origin in the invisible. (Hebrews 11: 3, SEM) That's why, for every situation you go through, you have to learn how to deal with the situation in the spiritual world (through prayer) before you manage things in a natural way.

How to pray for the restoration of his marriage?

How to pray effectively for the restoration of his marriage? This is the question many are asking. After our first week of fasting and prayer, it is my heart to share with you this very important subject of prayer, but all too often neglected. Persevere in prayer, watch in an attitude of gratitude.

Fasting and Prayer: Organization and our group prayer topics

I give thanks to the Lord for the number of people who have responded to this call to fasting and prayer. We are currently more than a hundred to participate. Thank you, Lord, for raising this army of passionate people, lovers of God who are thirsty for more of You and want to see Your glory appear not only in their own lives but also in all the families of the Francophonie!

This often prevents your prayers from being answered

We have recently talked about very important keys to be effective in prayer and to have spectacular prayer prayers. We talked about the importance of praying according to God's will and perseverance. Today, I share with you a new super important key to be effective in prayer.

How to pray to find a husband or a wife

Several single people asked me how to pray to find a husband or a wife. Today I share this video from the program Prière Inspirées animated by Pastor Jérémy Sourdril. In this video, Pastor Mohammed Sanogo also explains why some people find it difficult to break their celibacy and cites some obstacles to praying for those who aspire to marriage.

Praying for my couple and my family

We sometimes lack inspiration to pray for our couple, for our home. The Bible states in 1 John 3: 14-15 And this is the assurance that we have before God: if we ask for something that is according to His will, He will listen to us. And if we know that he is listening to us, we also know that the object of our demands is ours.

Info for the participants of the Prayer Relay

Hello everyone, Many of you are enrolled in the fasting program and praying with others in the breach for the restoration of their marriage and I thank the Lord for that. The first week was great and testimonials begin to arrive !!! We believe that God will do great things in our lives!

Talk to the giant who intimidates your family!

Who are you, great mountain, before Zerubbabel? You will be flattened. He will lay the main stone amid cheers. (Zechariah 4: 7) Mountains rise up against you in your home? Do you have financial difficulties, opposition in your workplace, illness, infertility, blockages of all kinds?

Fasting and prayer relay - Resources for growing up ...

This is a message to all partners of the fasting and prayer relay. We are several hundred to participate in the relay (even if everyone is not yet registered on the common prayer calendar) and the sending of mails becomes complicated with the mail servers that consider some of our emails as SPAM.

Prayer for the restoration of a marriage in difficulty

It is impossible to pray effectively for the restoration of one's broken marriage if one does not KNOW that God has a horror of divorce, that it is in His will that the marriage be restored. God hears the prayers again today. Yes, God wants and can restore your marriage in difficulties.