The stones, our allies of life

Soothing, energizing, protective ... There is a gem for each of our states of mind. That's why all the stones are "our best friends". Pascale Senk These are very complex links that we have with the stones. They are so distant and so close to one another. Far away, because these fruits of the mineral world have remained underground for millions of years, before appearing to us once cleared of their gangue.

Refine your silhouette without doing sports

No time for sports? Not the desire to tackle difficult exercises? The book Lucile Woodward's Dream Silhouette, It's Smart , allows us to tone our body with ease, all day long, during our daily activities! It offers exercises to keep the line, which allow us to refine our silhouette according to our age, our metabolism, body parts that we want to strengthen .

Kneipp method: cold water works miracles

Father of natural medicine in Germany for over a hundred years, Father Kneipp is still unknown here. His credo: cold water is good for your health! How to use a simple method that revises the art of bathing and showering. Agnès Rogelet Water, plants: the abbot invented a philosophy of global health. The smile is buried, the thick black eyebrows, undergrowth and white hair, tamed by a cap.

Naturopathy: vitality in the plate

To find the smile and avoid tiredness, naturopathy offers us above all to give a sense to our diet, to refocus on us and the seasons. Between nutrition and introspection, our winter program. Véronique Deiller Naturopathy is the preventive medicine par excellence. By rebalancing our diet, giving us the keys to boost our immune system, it is, first and foremost, designed to prevent us from getting sick.

Natural anti-fatigue solutions

Are you starting to poke on your desk? Do you feel the urge to rob the candy machine or drink another coffee to keep your eyes open? Bad idea, they are fake friends! But good news: there are natural and effective solutions to fight against the fatigue that punctuates our days, especially during the coldest months.

I treated my arthritis thanks to the hypotoxic diet

"I learned two years ago that I have a form of arthritis, but for the last ten years I had severe pain in my shoulders, but also the hips, the elbows, the knees ... At the time of the diagnosis, they began to extend to the wrists, fingers, ankles ... Some days, they were so strong that getting up or getting dressed became complicated, so when the diagnosis fell and that the rheumatologist told me "I'm going to put you on treatment, you'll see, soon you can run a marathon", it's been a huge relie

Cure alone

I am forty years old and I am a follower of self healing therapies. I am one of those who are convinced that we program our diseases unconsciously for the most part, so that we can also heal ourselves from them consciously. I believe in global medicine that takes into account the health of the whole person, that is to say, to understand his emotions, his psyche and his spiritual part.

More chemistry between life and me

I was a sharp skinned teenager who found appeasement only in the writing of "desperate songs" and in reading, all readings. Words cared for me and I kept a special affection for them. At that time, my parents accompanied me to a neuro-shrink. There, prescription of a lot of drugs. As my condition worsened during my adult life, I saw other psys who always prescribed me "pills", but none tried to understand my difficulties.

Treat yourself with Chinese medicine

Treat yourself with Chinese medicine What diseases can Chinese medicine cure? Hiria Ottino meets you Born in Tahiti of French father and American mother, Hiria Ottino was one of the first foreign students to receive in China, the title of doctor ... in Chinese medicine. Its goal today is to make this medicine known in France, and especially to be able to practice it.

What is osteopathy?

What is osteopathy? Where does osteopathy come from and what does it consist of? - Psychologies. com answers - History Ten years ago, it was almost unknown in France. Or it was taken for a strange practice of witchcraft ... Because the logic of osteopathy does not correspond to the "official" vision of a purely mechanical human body.

The energy of Chinese medicine

The energy of Chinese medicine What is the "qi" of which Chinese medicine often speaks? Erik Pigani Psychologist and Psychotherapist Answers For Chinese doctors, choosing the right things at the right time is fundamental to our health. Because for them, everything stands in one word: "qi" (pronounced t'chi), the energy of which they have made the foundation of life.

Thierry Janssen: "It is urgent for all medicines to cooperate"

Thirteen-year-old surgeon Thierry Janssen threw away the gloves and is now a psychotherapist. We asked this ardent advocate of an integrative rapprochement between conventional and unconventional medicines to take stock of the situation in France. Interview by Patricia Salmon-Tirard Psychology: You are one of the first, with neuropsychiatrist David Servan-Schreiber, to have encouraged the combination of conventional and unconventional medicine.

Jean-Pierre Krasenski: "Reflexology is a natural sedative"

Stress? Clogged liver? Neck tense? Get your soles massaged! Each of your organs is reflected there. Relaxation and well-being assured. Interview by Brigitte-Fanny Cohen How would you define foot reflexology? Jean-Pierre Krasensky: It is a science based on the existence, under the soles of the feet, of points corresponding to our different organs, of which the five main ones - as defined by Chinese medicine - are the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

Michel Odoul: "Our body speaks, yet we must know how to hear it ..."

Our diseases are not the fact of chance or fatality, but a message of our inner being, assures Michel Odoul in "Tell me where you're hurting, I'll tell you why." Eight years after its first edition, this guide that invites us to decode ourselves the body language praises the best sales. Karine Papillaud An atypical course for this great shiatsu specialist: graduate of Sup.


Thanks to muscle testing, its main tool, kinesiology uses the body's memory and establishes a direct dialogue with it. His goal: to untie our energetic and emotional blockages. Who is she talking to? Has she proved herself? How to find a safe practitioner? The point on this practice which continues to make debate.

Urinotherapy: a panacea difficult to swallow

5 Million Germans would drink their urine for treatment! Stress, diabetes, bulimia, allergies ... nothing would resist the treatment. Delirium new age or medicine of tomorrow? Our reporter investigated and, therefore, brought the cup to his lips. Cendrine Barruyer There would be two million in Japan, one million in the Netherlands and five million in Germany to drink their urine or anoint themselves to heal.

Consult a specialist in Chinese medicine

Consult a specialist in Chinese medicine Where can I find a specialist in Chinese medicine? How can one know if he practices this medicine well? Hiria Ottino meets you Born in Tahiti of French father and American mother, Hiria Ottino was one of the first foreign students to receive in China, the title of doctor .

How to fight against psoriasis?

How to fight against psoriasis? Psoriasis is a skin disease still little known. Can we treat her with therapy? Alain Krotenberg answers Alain Krotenberg is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and member of the French Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. Whether at the hospital where he practices, or in his office, he meets more and more patients who live very painfully their body.

Chinese medicine, another way of thinking

Chinese medicine, another way of thinking Is Chinese medicine another way of thinking? Hiria Ottino meets you Hiria Ottino was born in Tahiti to a French father and an American mother. Hiria Ottino was one of the first foreign students in China to receive the title of doctor ... in Chinese medicine. Its goal today is to make this medicine known in France, and especially to be able to practice it.